Early exits for most locals at the national championships

Most Hunts bowlers involved in the last week of the Bowls England national championships at Leamington made early exits.

Thursday, 6th September 2018, 1:35 pm
Updated Thursday, 6th September 2018, 1:37 pm
The Yaxley Hurricanes team, winners of the Munday Shield, with Peterborough League president Dick Gill.

Whittlesey Manor pair Graham Agger and Peter Brown did reach the second round of the pairs, where they were beaten 23-17 by the eventual title winners from Somerset after leading 11-2 and that followed a last end first round victory against Surrey.

In the four-bowl singles, Paul Dalliday (Parkway) was beaten 21-19 in the preliminary round by Surrey’s Mike Dunton, while Simon Law (Parkway) lost 21-11 in the first round to former winner Andrew Squire (Essex), who went on to reach the final.

It was the same story in the two-bowl singles, where Tristan Morton (Parkway), the first-ever winner of the event in 2012, lost 16-12 to Andrew Briden (Bucks), and Simon Leader (Warboys) was beaten 15-9 by David Simpson, also from Bucks.

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Runners-up Market Deeping.

Leader also made an early exit in the pairs with Ross Tomlinson, losing 16-14 to Cumbria in the preliminary round.

A team from Hemingford made it through to the last eight in the Tony Allcock Trophy, an inter-club mixed double rink competition, where they were pipped 33-32 by Banbury Central (Oxfordshire), while the Hunts youngsters were beaten 37-21 by Cornwall, the eventual beaten finalists, in the opening round of the Amy Rose Bowl, the women’s under 25 inter-county double rink event


There was a dramatic finish to the Peterborough League’s Mick Lewin Trophy final at Longthorpe, where Yaxley Hurricanes snatched a one-shot victory over Market Deeping on the very last end.

With one of the three rinks drawn, Market Deeping then counted a four on the next rink to tie the match, with just one end remaining on the third and final rink, where Yaxley skip Gill King drew the match-winning shot for a 62-61 victory in this knockout competition for teams in the Club 60 League.

The trophy was presented to the winning team by Peterborough League president Dick Gill.

It was the second of the three Peterborough League finals to be settled on the last end by just one shot, West Ward having achieved the same result in the Munday Shield decider against Whittlesey Manor at the same venue.


Yaxley Hurricanes bt Market Deeping 62-61 (Yaxley rinks first):

Joyce Needham, Luigi Caporale, Eugene King 18, Martin Hawkes, Mike Bumfrey, Alex Denniston 18.

Peter White, Bruce Saint, John Thurston 17, Dave Roberts, Maggie Holden, Chris Bines 26.

Mick Ure, Marlene Osbourne, Gill King 27, Mike Page, Tony Coe, Nobby Clarke 17.



Premier Division: Parkway A 155-17; Whittlesey Manor A 132-17; West Ward Tigers 117-17; Peterborough & District 104-17; Parkway C 73-17; CoP Molins A 58-17; Langtoft Pearl A 57-17; Whittlesey Manor B 56-17; Yaxley Kites 54-17; Deeping A 50-17.

Division One: Crowland Jackdaws 110-15; Yaxley Falcons 97-15; Wittering 84-15; Market Deeping Knights 81-15; CoP City 77-15; West Ward Lions 62-16; Longthorpe Romans 60-15; Conservative A 52-15; Conservative B 47-15.

Division Two: Blackstones 135-15; West Ward Panthers 87-14; Baker Perkins 81-14; Longthorpe Saxons 80-15; Whittlesey Town 63-14; Park Crescent Bowlers 61-15; East Community Wolves 60-14; CoP Molins B 53-15; West Ward Foxes 40-16.

Division Three: Thomas Cook 80-12; Conservative C 75-11; Crowland Magpies 63-12; Langtoft Pearl B 52-11; Werrington 47-11; Parkway B 42-11; Market Deeping Kings 41-12.

Division Four (Final table): Whittlesey Manor C 102-14; Deeping B 89-14; Bretton Beagles 87-14; East Community Bears 85-14; Yaxley Eagles 43-14; Itter Park 42-14; Crowland Ravens 37-14.


Premier Division: Blackstones 110-15; Peterborough & District 89-14; West Ward Tigers 82-15; Yaxley Spitfires 78-14; Ketton Welland 76-14; CoP City 64-15 (-96); Longthorpe Manor 64-15 (-96); Deeping A 53-14; Longthorpe Tower 44-16.

Division One: West Ward Lions 130-15; Ketton Chater 86-14; Whittlesey Manor 80-13; Crowland Jays 77-15; Langtoft Pearl B 76-15; Longthorpe Woods 59-14; Conservative Blue 51-15; West Ward Panthers 49-15; Yaxley Hurricanes 37-14.

Division Two: Barnack 98-16; Whittlesey Town 96-16 (+238); CoP Molins 96-15 (+120); Whittlesey Town Foxes 91-15; Ryhall Robins 74-15; Langtoft Pearl Red 73-16; Market Deeping Wade 68-16; Itter Park 57-16; Baker Perkins 47-15.

Division Three (Final table): Parkway 95-14; Conservative Grey 90-14; Deeping B 73-14; Werrington Fox 68-14; Werrington Mill 66-14; East Community Bears 59-14 (-86); Thomas Cook 59-14 (-109); East Community Wolves 50-14.

Division Four: Stamford 108-12; Bretton Beagles 71-12; Bourne 70-11; CoP C 58-11; Crowland Rooks 47-12; Market Deepingh Douglas 37-12; Deeping C 19-12.


Premier Division: Blackstones 109-14; West Ward Tigers 80-14 (+97); Yaxley Sharks 80-13 (+46); West Ward Panthers 68-13; CoP City 64-17; Peterborough & District 63-13; Ketton Hanson 56-14; Conservative 15-14.

Division One: Yaxley Seals 76-12; CoP Molins 68-12; Deeping 66-11; Stamford 61-12; Whittlesey Manor 60-12; Whittlesey Town 46-11; Langtoft Pearl 33-12.

Division Two: Baker Perkins 90-13; Park Crescent Bowlers 88-12; East Community Wolves 70-12; Werrington 55-11; Bretton Beagles 48-13; Whittlesey Town Bears 47-12 (-15); East Community Bears 47-12 (-77); West Ward Rhinos 45-13.