Gelsthorpe the best climber

James Gelsthorpe.
James Gelsthorpe.
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Peterborough Cycling Club and Fenland Clarion joined forces to stage the annual hill-climb event on the Collyweston and Steadford Hills on Sunday.

Club members battled over two very hard climbs to contest their respective club hill- climbing titles.

Lyndon Leadbeater.

Lyndon Leadbeater.

Overall winner was Peterborough Cycling Club’s James Gelsthorpe, who has had a terrific run of form over the latter part of the season.

Lynden Leadbeater finished second to win the Fenland Clarion title.

Corey Thornton from the local Rutland Velo club was third and was ecstatic at beating Peterborough’s Steve Wood by one second.

Peterborough’s Victoria Valentine, who lives in Stamford, was the fastest of the two ladies taking part.


1 James Gelsthorpe (Pboro) 5.22

2 Lynden Leadbeater (Fenland) 5.49

3 Corey Thornton (Rut Velo) 5.57

4 Steve Wood (Pboro) 5.58

5 Graham Wright (Pboro) 6.14

6 James Broadley (Pboro) 6.23

7 Kevin Hobbs (Pboro) 6.28

8 John Rowles (Pboro) 6.36

9 David Thorold (Fenland) 6.40

10 Martin Bullen (Pboro) 6.47

11 Alex Carter (Fenland) 6.49

12 Adrian McHale (Pboro) 6.50

13 David O.Brien (Fenland) 6.51

14 Philip Gee (Fenland) 6.52

15 Stuart Goodliffe (Fenland) 6.56

16 Peter Welsh (Fenland) 7.18

17 Victoria Valentine (Pboro) 7.27

18 Paul Crawford (Pboro) 7.43

19 Andy Goodsell (Fenland) 8.21

20 Annette Wyld (Pboro) 10.18

The cyclo-cross season has now started and two Fenland Clarion youngsters competed in the opening round of the Lincolnshire League in Sleaford.

At just seven years of age Evander Wishart finished 20th out of 42 finishers in the Under 12s, while Cameron Neilson finished in seventh place in the youths and second Under 14 rider.