Woolley is a bully as he pounds his former mates

Asim Butt scored 129 not out for Peterborough Town.
Asim Butt scored 129 not out for Peterborough Town.
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Rob Woolley’s 146 not out in a high-scoring Cambs Division One win over March included 17 fours and four sixes.

Woolley batted throughout his team’s innings of 260-5 against his former club.

Kiwi Ash Vodnala scored his first Cambs Division One for March in the same game. He made 101 of his side’s 256 all out.


R. Woolley (Ketton) *146

A. Butt (Peterborough Town) *129

A. Renton (Burghley Park) *129

Z. Manzoor (Barnack) *122

B. Weatherington (Oundle 2nds) 115

E. Kriek (Market Deeping) 104

T. Mahmood (Werrington) 102

A. Vodnala (March) 101

T. Brooks (Alconbury) 97

T. Bishop (Barnack 2nds) 94

G. Feear (Wisbech) *93

P. Barnes (Long Sutton) 88

P. Foster (Oundle) 87

D. Harrington (Ufford Park 2nds) *82

M. Bull (Long Sutton) 77

M. Drake (Bretton) 75

B. Bergh (Oundle 2nds) 74

M. Howard (Peterborough Town) 72

S. Mahmood (Ketton) 72

W. Javed (Ufford Park) *71

S. Lem (Stamford) *71

C. Wake (Oundle) *71

I. Kenyon (Burghley Park) 71

D. Hodson (March) 69

G. Meichan (Orton Park) 66

J. McDougall (Market Deeping) *65

C. Milner (Peterborough Town) 65

D. Robinson (Nassington) 65

L. Hollingworth (Spalding) *61

B. Bryant (Ketton) *58

M. Andrew (Stamford) 58

B. Pyle (March) 58

A. Khattak (Bharat Sports) 57

P. Long (Stamford 2nds) 56

P. Rowe (Hampton) 56

J. Bowers (Wisbech) 55

J. Markland (Ramsey) 54

N. Suckling (Alconbury) *52

H. Ameir (AK 11) 52

Bryan Bennett (Stamford 2nds) 51

A. Birch (Stamford) 51

J. Howard (Bourne 2nds) *50

U. Van Duyker (Ketton) *50

R. Bentley (Uffington) 50

D. Haynes (Wisbech) 50


N. Jayesena (Spalding) 8-41

S. Larter (Uffington) 6-16

A. Wright (Long Sutton 2nds) 6-31

N. Griffin (Werrington) 6-33

J. Langford (Pinchbeck) 6-43

G. Freear (Wisbech) 6-63

A. Wells (Ramsey) 5-10

J. Andrews (Market Deeping) 5-11

H. Carter (Uffington 2nds) 5-11

T. Shinkins (Market Deeping) 5-15

A. Hawkins (Market Deeping 2nds) 5-18

J. Dawborn (Cambs) 5-21

M. Drake (Bretton) 5-32

A. Popat (Peterborough Town 2nds) 5-36

M. Zahid (AK 11) 5-39

T. Shinkins (Market Deeping) 5-46

K. Jones (Peterborough Town) 5-49