Wilson wins a close one for Oundle

Cricket news from the Peterborough Telegraph - peterboroughtoday.co.uk/cricket
Cricket news from the Peterborough Telegraph - peterboroughtoday.co.uk/cricket
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Peter Wilson turned in the best local bowling performance of the weekend. He took a magnificent 7-55 for Oundle seconds in a one-run win over Wollaston seconds in Division Three of the Northants League.


A. Hulme (Stamford) *213

C. Bore (Stamford) 159

M. Durham (Orton Park 2nds) *158

G. Khan (Bretton) *140

J. Dilley (Oundle 2nds) 104

A. Walker (Newborough 2nds) 101

E. Kriek (Market Deeping) 101

J. Turp (Ufford Park) 101

A. Agnew (Ufford Park) *100

C. Evans (Whittlesey) 98

A. Jones (Newborough 2nds) 95

O. Maddigan (Orton Park 2nds) 89

L. Dave (Stamford) 85

J. Bowers (Wisbech) 85

D. Haynes (Wisbech) *84

P. Dobbs (Laxton Park) *84

G. Khan (Bretton) 84

T. Meyrick (Wisbech) 83

P. Morgan (Bourne) *80

G. Meichan (Orton Park) 78

R. Anjum (Alconbury) 78

M. Rowe (CAMRA) *78

A. Vodnala (March) 77

Z. Manzoor (Oundle) 76

C. Bore (Stamford) 72

N. Fisher (Burghley Park 2nds) 70

D. Jackson (Pinchbeck) 70

S. Evison (Bourne) 70

A. Bennett (Bretton) *69

N. Monaghan (Castor) *69

P. Morgan (Bourne) 69

C. Jones (Market Deeping) *68

S. Tyler (Orton Park) *68

N. Buckingham (Bretton) 68

J. MacDougall (Market Deeping) 67

R. Menarry (Ramsey) 66

J. Burgess (Sawtry) 65

S. Findlay (Easton-on-the-Hill) *64

J. Evison (Bourne) *64

A. Bandaranaike (Nassington) 64

M. Hodgson (Oundle) 64

R. Ewing (Alconbury) 62

K. Medcalf (Peterborough Town 2nds) 61

P. Rowe (Hampton) 60

J. Hogkinson (Barnack 2nds) 60

J. Lamin (Baston) 59

M. Yasir (Barnack) 59

M. Raheel (AK XI) 58

A. Morris (Warboys) 58

L. Dave (Stamford) 57

M. Singh (Khalsa) 57

A. Wright (Long Sutton) *56

G. Saisnbury (Orton Park 2nds) *56

G. Rowland (Newborough) 56

S. Vallance (Warboys) 56

S. Aftab (Werrington) 55

J. Brackenbury (Oundle 2nds) 53

H. Ameir (AK XI) *51

J. Broomfield (Moulton Harrox) 51

A. Anthony (Wisbech 2nds) 50


P. Wilson (Oundle 2nds) 7-55

P. McMahon (Peterborough Town) 6-21

J. Smith (Peterborough Town) 6-35

S. Dalley (Oundle 2nds) 6-60

U. Van Duyker (Ketton) 6-68

H. Meichan (Orton Park 2nds) 5-29

J. Hayes (Cavaliers) 5-30

T. Dixon (Bourne) 5-31

A. Mears (Ufford Park 2nds) 5-44

C. Moyle (Bretton) 5-48

A. Bird (Warboys) 5-51

O. Bowd (Ramsey 3rds) 5-56