Swanny’s World of Sport - Obnoxious Aussies will sour the atmosphere

David Warner is an obnoxious Aussie.
David Warner is an obnoxious Aussie.
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Among the many delights of the England v New Zealand Test series was the absence of any obvious sledging.

I knew it was possible for teams to be aggressive and dominant without resorting to personal abuse which is neither funny nor mature, but that will of course change when the obnoxious Aussies arrive in this country for the Ashes later this summer.

It’s very likely they will be far too good for a maddeningly inconsistent England side, but that won’t stop them acting like playground bullies, led by captain Michael ‘we’re going to break your arm’ Clarke.

A law to stop the thuggish behaviour of David Warner and co is needed, but’s that as likely to arrive as an invite to the England dressing room for Piers Morgan.

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