SWANNY’S WORLD OF SPORT: Captain Morgan must be sacked

England should sack Eoin Morgan.
England should sack Eoin Morgan.
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England surpassed my expectations in the World Twenty/20 Cup, especially as they played the entire tournament with 10 men.

Captain Eoin Morgan must now be relieved of his duties. He is the least-talented playing-skipper England have had since Mike Brearley and the latter at least had the cricketing intelligence to make game-winning decisions, although also having Ian Botham also helped.

You can’t carry a player in a high-class Twenty/20 match and Morgan was hopeless with the bat all tournament, particularly in the final when he faffed around for a dozen balls to score five runs. If Jos Buttler had received those 12 balls, England might have scored enough to make Carlos Brathwaite’s heroics irrelevant.

Anyway I’ve always felt uneasy about sportsmen who switch countries to chase glory and cash.

Morgan wants to be English in his professional career and enjoy the riches and fame that brings, but he wants to be Irish in his personal life so singing the national anthem is beyond him.

He’s not a good enough player or a good enough captain to get away with such nonsense.