Swanny’s World of Sport: Ashes to Ashes, I told you so

Ian Bell needs a break from Test cricket.
Ian Bell needs a break from Test cricket.
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I did warn you that England’s domination of the first Ashes Test was a red herring.

I told you that Ian Bell and Gary Ballance are ‘shot’ mentally. You’ll soon be able to add Adam Lyth to that list as well.

It’s as shame that England’s new super-coach Trevor Bayliss didn’t change things when his new side were ahead. It might be too late now.

I also wonder if those who decided to experiment with Jonathan Trott’s mental health in the Caribbean last winter are happy with their decision?

If Lyth had been able to bed into Test cricket against the pop gun attack of the West Indies maybe he would have had more chance of coping with Australia’s attack.

The worst thing now about the rest of the summer though? Shane Warne’s cackling, partisan commentary.

England’s batsmen should be forced to watch Murray in action at Queens in the Davis Cup.

That’s what playing for your country should be about. Passion, determination, a will-to-win, a willingness to put yourself through the pain barrier in oder to succeed.

England’s top order, with the exception of Alistair Cook, don’t have it. Murray has it in in spades.