Ross is the boss with a bat in hand

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Cricket news from the Peterborough Telegraph -
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Ufford Park opener Ross Keymer was 245 not out over the weekend.

The bulk of his runs arrived in a 175-run Hunts Division One win over Nassington seconds when he finished on 181 after clubbing 21 fours and four sixes.

Keymer also scored 64 not out in a low-scoring Rutland Division Two win over Stewart & Lloyds.

His runs in that match came out of a winning total of 101-5. Sandeep Dahiya earlier took 5-16 for Ufford.

Best bowler over the weekend was Jazly Fareed of Woodlands who claimed 7-18, but still finished on the losing side in a South Lincs Division One game at Welby. Welby were dismissed for just 121 thanks to Fareed’s efforts, but Woodlands made just 83.


R. Keymer (Ufford Park) *181

C. Stokes (Benefield) *114

P. Morgan (Bourne) 112

D. Robinson (Nassington) 108

J. Cafferkey (Ramsey) 96

Z. Manzoor (Oundle) *95

N. Crook (Pinchbeck) 95

D. Jones (Ramseey 3rds) 90

B. Stroud (Bourne) 62

L. Smith (Pinchbeck) 91

F. Javed (Khalsa) 88

V. Matta (Cavaliers) 83

J. Bolsover (Oundle 2nds) 78

N. Bradbury (CAMRA) *77

S. Smalley (Oundle 2nds) *75

N. Jayasena (Spalding) 75

J. McDougall (Market Deeping 2nds) *73

C. Bore (Stamford) 73

R. Dunn (Bourne 2nds) *72

B. Weatherington (Oundle 2nds) 72

R. Noble (Spalding 2nds) *68

R. Smith (Castor) 68

J. Gilson (March) 67

M. Bell (Oundle) 63

B. Bryant (Ketton) 63

P. Jeftha (Oundle) *62

S. Albutt (Wisbech) 62

J. Bowers (Wisbech) 62

S. Mahmood (Ketton) 61

N. Walker (Nassington 2nds) 59

J. Miller (Ketton) *58

G. Freear (Wisbech) 58

T. Mahmood (Werrington) 58

G. Scotcher (Nassington 2nds) 57

S. Tyler (CAMRA) 57

M. Spinks (Castor) *56

B. Pyle (March) 56

Sajjad Ali (King’s Keys) 55

N. Cornish (Stamford 2nds) 55

B. Bryant (Ketton) *54

D. Haynes (Wisbech) 54

D. Herrick (Uffington) 54

J. Howard (Bourne 2nds) 54

J. Bolsover (Oundle) 53

A. Larkin (Ufford Park) 53

S. Lem (Stamford) *50

C. Dring (Spalding 2nds) 50

J. Tadman (Castor) 50


J. Fareed (Woodlands) 7-18

Sajjad Ali (King’s Keys) 6-15

S. Fox (Oundle 2nds) 6-37

J. Andrews (Market Deeping 2nds) 6-44

A. Todd (Oundle 3rds) 6-74

S. Dahiya (Ufford Park) 5-16

L. Bruce (Peterborough Town) 5-17

E. Manchett (Ramsey 3rds) 5-21

M. Sohail (Barnack) 5-30

A. Jinah (Long Sutton 2nds) 5-36

P. Holland (Stamford) 5-44