MERIT TABLE: Hales storms to a massive 175 for Laxton Park

Hafiz Majeed hit a ton for Spalding.
Hafiz Majeed hit a ton for Spalding.
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Laxton Park’s Ivan Hales blasted one of the biggest scores of the season when hitting 175 in a 227-run win over Uppingham seconds in Division Five of the Rutland League.

He was one of 10 century-makers in local cricket last weekend (August 20 and 21).



I. Hales (Laxton Park) 175

D. Clarke (Peterborough Town) *129

A. Humphrey (Hampton 2nds) *125

T. Dixon (Bourne) 124

A. Wheatley (Easton-on-the-Hill) 114

S.Mohammed (Barnack) 109

D. Young (Orton Park) 108

T. Zamir (Falcon) 107

H. Majeed (Spalding) 107

M. Durham (Orton Park 2nds) 104

J. Boyle (Laxton Park) *98

U. Sisodia (Moulton harrox) 97

S. Mahmood (Ketton) 94

M. Gibson (Peterboro Town 2nds) *91

J. Howard (Bourne 2nds) 89

P. Harrington (Mkt Deeping) *88

J. Clifton (Newborough 2nds) 85

J. Burton (Uffington 2nds) 83

D. Iqbal (Pboro Town 3rds) 82

J. Morgan (Mkt Deeping) *80

M. Khan (AK XI) 80

B. Ali (King’s Keys) *79

K. Judd (Peterborough Town) *77

H. Jarral (Sheikh XI) 76

H. Meichan (Orton Park) 74

S. Juckes (Spalding) *70

S.Kingston (Ramsey 3rds) *70

A. Ali (Nassington 2nds) 70

H. Craig (Nassington) 69

T. Bentley (Uffington) 68

W. Javed (Ufford Park) 67

L. Davis (Ketton 2nds) 67

I. Ironsmith (Bharat Sports) 66

C. Dixon (Newborough 2nds) *65

J. Newton (Spalding) 65

H. Roe (Newborough) 63

S. Evison (Bourne) 63

C. Evans (Whittlesey) 63

A. Rowland (Newborough 2nds) 63

J. Hallam (Easton-on-the-Hill) 62

B. Bennett (Stamford) 60

R. Dunn (Bourne) *59

B. Stanway (Long Sutton) 59

A. Mitchell (Peterborough Town) 59

S. Lem (Stamford) 59

M. Shafiq (Werrington) 59

M. Andrew (Stamford) 57

R. Keymer (Ufford Park) 56

J. Broomfield (Moulton Harrox) 56

J. Siddorns (Hampton 2nds) 55

T. Williams (Stamford) 54

D. Greenfield (Bourne 2nds) 54

W. Nel (Spalding) *54

J. Smith (Spalding) *54

V. Matta (Welby Cavaliers) 53

T. Norman (Nassington) 53

A. Azhar (Werrington) 53

B. Andrews (Spalding) 52

K. Markham (Nassington 2nds) 52

P. Adams (Oundle) 52

D. Cornish (Uffington) 52

S. Nasiem (Sheikh XI) 51

M. Cafferkey (Ramsey) 50

A. Laud (Nassington) 50

J. Hayes (Welby Cavaliers) 50

S. Best (Barnack) 50


M. Sohail (Barnack) 6-30

J. Berry (Bourne) 6-45

J. Dawborn (Peterborough Town) 6-53

A. Emmerson (Ufford Park) 5-9

V. Matta (Welby Cavaliers) 5-18

R. Morris (Nassington 2nds) 5-27

A. Boothman (Orton Park) 5-30

X. Xipu (Bourne 2nds) 5-33

S. Nicholls (Burghley Park) 5-36

A. Hilless (Uffington) 5-38

T. Dyer (Baston) 5-41

T. Juggins (Stamford) 5-47

J. Van Duyker (Ketton) 5-50