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Professionals Ash Vodnala and Ulricht van Duyker did their bit with bat and ball at the weekend.

Kiwi Vodnala scored 52 and took 5-35 as his March side beat Whittlesey by 28 runs in Rutland League Division Two.

And Ketton’s South African all-rounder van Duyker also did well in a Rutland Division Two match. He scored 52 and took 6-36 in a six-wicket win over Stewart & Lloyds.


C. Louth (Bourne) *151

P. Rowe (Hampton) 133

M. Raheel (AK XI) 125

P. Morgan (Bourne) 111

R. Bainborough (Mkt Deeping 2nds) 109

D. Robinson (Nassington) 105

B. Weatherington (Oundle 2nds) *103

N. Bradbury (CAMRA) *101

A. Hussain (Spalding 2nds) 95

A. Shafiq (Barnack) 91

B. Bennett (Stamford 2nds) 91

S. Khan (Orton Park 2nds) *89

G. Spragg (Barnack 2nds) *88

T. Meyrick (Wisbech) 86

A. Agnew (Ufford Park 2nds) *83

J. Butcher (Spalding 3rds) 82

M. Yaseen (Barnack) 81

G. Scotcher (Nassington) 79

R. Hyman (Mkt Deeping 2nds) *75

J. Clifton (Newborough 2nds) 75

C. Evans (Orton Park) 71

R. Trickett (Newborough) *70

C. Wilson (Bourne) *69

N. Buckingham (Bretton) *69

N. Fox (Oundle 2nds) 69

C. Evans (Whittlesey) 69

J. Bowers (Wisbech) 69

T. West (Ramsey) 68

A. Bennett (Bretton) 67

S. Patchett (Motley Crew) *66

C.Simmons (Stamford 2nds) *66

B. Bryant (Ketton) *65

R. Hibbitt (Burghley Park 2nds) *64

N. Fisher (Burghley Park 2nds) 64

A. Butt (Barnack) 64

C. Wake (Oundle) 62

A. Hulme (Stamford) 62

E. Kriek (Mkt Deeping) 61

R. Anjum (Alconbury) 61

S. Lem (Stamford) 59

F. Akbar (Orton Park) 59

D. Goodson (Nassington 2nds) 59

T. Mahmood (Werrington) 58

H. De Camos (Spalding 3rds) 58

D. Sargeant (Mkt Deeping) 57

T. Juggins (Stamford) 55

R. Duffy (Nassington) 55

D. Hetherington (Uffington 2nds) 55

S. Aftab (Werrington) 54

M.Ali (Hampton) 54

R. Abraham (Ramsey) 53

O. Lane (Burghley Park 2nds) 53

A. Vodnala (March) 52

T. Nulty (March) 52

U. Van Duyker (Ketton) 52

J. Markland (Ramsey) 51

M. Niaz (Wisbech 2nds) 50

K. Medcalf (Pboro Town 2nds) 50

T. Andrews (Mkt Deeping) 50


T. Harding (Ramsey) 7-34

E. Bennett (Bretton) 6-23

V. Woodward (Ramsey 2nds) 6-26

G. Ali (Werrington) 6-29

B. Stroud (Bourne) 6-31

U. Van Duyker (Ketton) 6-36

J. Barnett (Moulton Harrox) 6-37

C. Ray (Oundle 2nds) 6-40

N. Farrer (Barnack 2nds) 5-3

G. Hibbitt (Burghley Park 2nds) 5-15

N. Griffin(Werrington) 5-15

A. Hussain (Kings Keys) 5-19

A. Vodnala (March) 5-35

D. George (Mkt Deeping) 5-37

C. Sainsbury (Orton Park 2nds) 5-38

M. Shillitto (Bourne) 5-39

Nadeem Zahid (AK XI) 5-54

S. Mohammed (Barnack) 5-70