BEST WITH BAT AND BALL: Morgan heads the ton-up boys

Bretton's Neil Buckingham scored a century.
Bretton's Neil Buckingham scored a century.
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There were 11 century-makers in local cricket this week with two Bourne players - Peter Morgan and Jack Berry - among them.



P. Morgan (Bourne) 135

J. Cafferkey (Ramsey) 123

N. Buckingham (Bretton) *118

R. Anjum (Alconbury) *117

A. Waris (Barnack 2nds) 116

W. Naylor (Moulton Harrox) *109

J. Berry (Bourne) 109

L. Dave (Stamford) 105

A. Larkin (Ufford Park) 101

N. Crook (Pinchbeck) 101

Z. Manzoor (Ketton) *100

C. Dring (Spalding 2nds) 99

D. Jackson (Pinchbeck) 96

B. Hussain (Oundle) *95

F. Javed (Spalding) 94

J. Morgan (Market Deeping) 92

A. Binns (Bourne 2nds) *91

J. Bentley (Bourne 2nds) *90

A. Mitchell (Peterboro Town) 89

D. Porter (Castor 2nds) 89

A. Butt (Peterboro Town) 86

J. Barnett (Moulton Harrox) 81

C. Evans (Orton Park) 80

J. Broomfield (Moulton Harrox) 77

T. Bentley (Uffington) *76

B. Peck (Stamford) 76

M. Hodgson (Oundle) 75

G. Scotcher (Nassington 2nds) 74

P. Foster (Oundle) 72

D. Ashraf (Kings Keys) *70

C. Craig (Nassington) *69

S. Howard (Peterboro Town 2nds) *68

P. Rowe (Ketton) *67

J. Abid (Peterboro Town 3rds) 66

M. Durham (Orton Park 2nds) 65

S. Arshad (Whittlesey 2nds) 65

J. Bowers (Wisbech) 64

J. Newton (Spalding) 63

H.Majeed (Spalding 2nds) 62

I. Bonsall (Sawtry) 61

Q. Farooq (Sheikh) 60

A. Gaur (Ramsey) *59

K. Medcalf (Peterboro Town 2nds) 59

D. Oldfield (Long Sutton) 58

D. Harrington (Ufford Park) 57

T. Williams (Stamford) 57

D. Oldham (Peterboro Town 2nds) *56

D. Moss (Uffington 2nds) *56

P. Morgan (Bourne) 56

Z. Ahmad (AK XI) 56

J. Weaver (Burghley Park) 56

J. Gollands (Wisbech) 55

B. Dunn (Castor 2nds) 54

R. Smith (Ramsey) 53

A. Lowe (Hampton 2nds) 53

L. Hollingworth (Spalding) 52

S. Sacker (Bourne 2nds) 51

S. Dar (Falcon) 50

*denotes not out


N. Lawton (Newborough) 6-15

B. Ellis (Wisbech) 6-19

F.Javed (Spalding) 6-29

A. Fisher (Mkt Deeping) 6-42

M. Cusack (Moulton Harrox) 5-1

T. Phillips (March) 5-7

R. Kendall (Peterborough Town) 5-10

J. Dee (Hampton) 5-18

G. Rowland (Newborough) 5-20

A. Shaw (Long Sutton 2nds) 5-35

J. Smith (Peterboro Town) 5-37

A. Birch (Stamford) 5-47

S. Aldous (Oundle 3rds) 5-54

H. Carter (Uffington) 5-61