At least one Aussie was smiling last weekend

Cameron Wake scored a ton for Oundle.
Cameron Wake scored a ton for Oundle.
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Aussie Dean Jones cracked the biggest score of last weekend, 150 for Ramsey in a 119-run win over Wakerley & Barrowden in Rutland Division Five.

Chris Morrison, one of local cricket’s finest Aussie imports, made 57 in the same game.

Alex Mears of Ufford Park seconds appears in the batting and bowling charts this week after scoring 62 and taking 5-16 in a Division Seven win over Long Sutton seconds.


D. Jones (Ramsey) 150

A. Martin (Oundle) 130

P. Morgan (Bourne) 128

S. Brooks (Oundle 2nds) 116

C. Wake (Oundle) *106

A. Akhtar (Market Deeping) 98

S. Barlow (Newborough 2nds) 97

D. Clarke (Peterborough Town) *90

J. Leet (Wisbech 2nds) *90

T. Young (Peterborough Town) 89

M. Howard (Peterborough Town) 85

R. Zafar (Werrington) 84

D. Cooper (Newborough) 82

Gareth Smith (Sawtry) *80

S. Albutt (Wisbech) 79

C. Dockerill (Castor) 77

M. Wheat (Castor) 77

M. Cafferkey (Ramsey) 76

M. Kay (Ramsey 2nds) 76

D. Goodson (CAMRA) 74

G. Bolsover (Oun dle 3rds) *73

A. Rodgers (Ketton) *73

S. McMullan (Hampton 2nds) 66

D. Oldham (Peterborough Town 2nds) *65

V. Matta (Cavaliers) 64

B. Smith (Spalding) 64

A. Mears (Ufford Park 2nds) 62

S. Taylor (Cavaliers) 62

A. Craig (Hampton) *61

M. Gibson (Old Deaconians) 61

J. Dee (Hampton) 59

A. Wheatley (Market Deeping) 59

S. Tyler (CAMRA) 58

T. Gatehouse (Ufford Park 2nds) 57

H. Johnson (Wisbech 2nds) 57

Chris Morrison (Ramsey) 57

M. Barnett (Moulton Harrox) 56

R. Walker (Peterborough Town 3rds) 55

D. Whadcock (Bourne 3rds) 55

R. Hyman (Market Deeping) *53

R. Duffy (Nassington) *52

A. Hulme (Stamford) 52

T. Mahmood (Werrington) 52

A. Wright (Long Sutton 2nds) 52

S. Appan (Stamford 2nds) *51

D. Jackson (Cavaliers) 51


B. Shah (Cavaliers) 7-22

S. Prentice (Stamford) 6-23

H. Craig (Nassington) 6-29

R. Kendall (Peterborough Town 2nds) 6-34

A. Mears (Ufford Park) 5-16

J. Downing (Wisbech 2nds) 5-26

L. Bruce (Peterborough Town) 5-29

P. Patel (Laxton) 5-39

A. Wells (Ramsey 2nds) 5-41

J. Berry (Bourne) 5-56

M. Adatia (Market Deeping) 5-59

L. Eyett (Pinchbeck) 5-67

T. Bentley (Bourne 2nds) 5-73