An outstanding set of cricketing pensioners

Nigel King scored a century for Cambs/Hunts Over 60s against Yorkshire.
Nigel King scored a century for Cambs/Hunts Over 60s against Yorkshire.
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Over 60s cricket is thriving in Cambs and Hunts

The two minor counties have two combined teams in the national Over 60s competition and both have been in outstanding form this summer.

The first XI have toppled first-class counties Warwickshire (twice), Northants and Leicesterhsire, and their recent defeat against reigning nationsl champions Essex was just a second of the season.

And the second Xi have won all seven of their fixtures including an impressive success over Yorkshire when Castor’s Nigel King struck a century.

England star Nick Andrews of Market Deeping has been performing well for the first XI.

Graham Sainsbury of Orton Park has been outstanding for the second XI. He was averaging over 200 at one point in the season.

Khalsa veteran Jaspel Singh bagged 5-23 in the latest second XI win, an eight-wicket success over Beds.

Both sides should qualify for the knockout stages.

The 1st XI are next in action away to Northants on Tuesday (July 7), while the second XI are at home to Beds at Kimbolton on Thursday (July 9).


1st XI

Lost to Essex by 9 wkts

Cambs/Hunts 166-8 (M. Ketteridge 36, S. Unwin 31, P. Ellerbeck 20).

Essex 167-1

Beat Suffolk by 25 runs

Cambs/Hunts 154-6 (N. Lloyd 61, D. Baker 28, P. Ringham 27).

Suffolk 129 (S. Arnold 6-18, M. Douglas 2-23. I. McNulty 2-25).

Beat Warwickshire by 38 runs

Cambs/Hunts 258-4 (D. Baker 93, N. Andrews 71, S. Unwin 41no).

Warwickshire 220-7 (P. Ellerbeck 3-28, S. Arnold 2-36).

Beat Leicestershire by 70 runs

Cambs/Hunts 176-6 (S. Unwin 61, N. Andrews 42, P. Ringham 33no).

Leicestershire 106 (M. Douglas 4-26, I. McNulty 3-25, N. Andrews 2-25)

Lost to Northants by 21 runs

Northants 189-8 (M. Douglas 3-26, S. Arnold 2-35, I. McNulty 2-40).

Cambs/Hunts 168-9 (S. Unwin 44, J. Gilson 32, A. Rodger 24no, N. Andrews 20).

Beat Suffolk by 4 wkts

Suffolk 199-6 (N. Andrews 3-28, M. Douglas 2-48).

Cambs/Hunts 200-6 (M. Ketteridge 63, P. Ellerbeck 43no, D. Baker 34).

Beat Beds by 21 runs

Cambs/Hunts 159-9 (N. Lloyd 62, N. Andrews 37).

Beds 138-9 (S. Arnold 2-19, A. Rodger 2-23).

Beat Warwickshire by 4 wkts

Warwickshire 119 (Mick Douglas 5-20), Nick Andrews 3-7).

Cambs/Hunts Over 60s, 120-6, 43.5 overs (Nick Andrews 30, Pat Ringham 28, Mick Ketteridge 24).

2nd XI

Beat Beds by 8 wkts

Beds 82 (J. Singh 5-23, E. Seymour 3-11, R. Searle 2-4).

Cambs/Hunts 83-2 (M. Hudson 33no, C. Anderson 24).

Beat Herts by 8 wkts

Herts 234-6 (E. Seymour 2-48, G. Sainsbury 2-49).

Cambs/Hunts 238-2 (M. Hudson 81, C. Anderson 78, G. Sainsbury 61no).

Beat Suffolk by 5 wkts

Suffolk 190-3.

Cambs/Hunts 193-5 (G. Sainsbury 110no, P. Cutmore 26).

Beat Norfolk by 10 wkts

Norfolk 165-4.

Cambs/Hunts 167-0 (A. Brown 111no, M. Hudson 42no).

Beat Herts by 5 wkts

Herts 184-7 (A. Brown 2-31).

Cambs/Hunts 185-5 (M. Hudson 56, C. Anderson 38, P. Cutmore 27, C. Russell 22).

Beat Yorkshire by 7 wkts

Yorkshire 2nd XI 246-5 (Roly Searle 3-53)

Cambs/Hunts 247-3 (N. King 114, G. Sainsbury 90no)

Beat Norfoilk by 62 runs

Cambs/Hunts 2nd XI 236-8 (A. Brown 59, G. Sainsbury 41, J. Singh 36no)

Norfolk 2nd XI 174-6 (R. Searle 2-25, G. Sainsbury 2-33).