Alex ensures the Agnew name is alive and well

Ross Keymer hit 140 for Ufford Park.
Ross Keymer hit 140 for Ufford Park.
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Alex Agnew, the 14-year-old nephew of former England player Jon Agnew ,cracked his maiden ton for Ufford Park seconds in a tied Rutland Division Seven game against Uffington seconds.

Agnew finished on 135 not out after batting throughout the Ufford innings.


R. Keymer (Ufford Park) 140

A. Agnew (Ufford Park 2nds) *135

S. Olver (Uffington 2nds) 119

W. Javed (Ufford Park) 100

C. Simmons (Stamford 2nds) 100

R. Vitas (Ketton Development) 100

C. Dockerill (Castor) *98

S. Best (Barnack) *91

J. Howard (Bourne 2nds) 91

D. Clarke (Peterborough Town) 89

T. West (Ramsey) 89

M. Howard (Peterborough Town) *84

B. Hancock (Burghley Park) 84

D. Young (Orton Park) *83

S. Akhter (March) 83

M. Cawley (Newborough 2nds) 79

J. Gahan (Hampton) 75

P. Morgan (Bourne) 75

Z. Manzoor (Oundle) 74

C. Wake (Oundle) *73

J. Bolsover (Oundle) 72

R. Trickett (Newborough 2nds0 72

A. Mclean (CAMRA) 68

P. Rowe (Hampton) *67

D. Harrington (Ufford Park 2nds) 67

A. Ali (Nassington 2nds) 66

M. Bird (Ketton Development) 66

M. Danyaal (Peterborough Town) 66

D. Robinson (Nassington) 66

D. Callcut (Hampton) 65

I. Wilson (Uffington 2nds) 65

P. Bibb (Whittlesey 2nds) 64

R. Pears (Bourne 2nds) 64

A. Martin(Oundle) 63

T. Buck (Wisbech 2nds) 62

R. Woolley (Ketton) 61

A. Bennett (Bretton) 60

L. Bruce (Peterborough Town) 60

G. Rowland (Newborough) *59

R. Duffy (Nassington) 58

R. Dunn (Bourne 2nds) 58

M. Dale (Cavaliers) *57

D. Jones (Ramsey 2nds) *57

J. Clifton (Newborough 2nds) 56

P. McMahon (Peterborough Town) 55

K. Singh (Khalsa) 55

B. Bryant (Ketton) *54

A. Hussain (King’s Keys) 54

M. Bell (Oundle) 50

S. Prestidge (Wisbech 2nds) 50


G. Freear (Wisbech) 7-25

D. Milgate (Spalding) 7-67

M. Zahid (AK 11) 6-22

J. Dawborn (Peterborough Town) 6-38

H. Craig (Nassington) 5-8

S. Brown (Castor 2nds) 5-10

J. Bolsover (Oundle) 5-20

J. Charlton (Oundle) 5-20

M. Pottle (Bourne 2nds) 5-20

B. Young (Barnack) 5-30

A. Vodnala (March) 5-33

J. Barningham (Ramsey) 5-36

P. Bentley (Ufford Park) 5-47

H. Lavery (Moulton Harrox) 5-60