A century in adult cricket aged just 13!

Asim Butt smacked 92 for Barnack.
Asim Butt smacked 92 for Barnack.
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Joe Evison (13) is thought to be the youngest player in Bourne CC and Rutland League history to score a ton in adult league cricket.

Opener Evision finished 101 not out in Rutland Division Seven for Bourne thirds against Long Sutton seconds.

Aussie Dave Griffin tops the Merit batting table after cracking 135 for Uffington seconds in a Division Seven win over Benefield.

Dave Walker’s 6-33 for Whittlesey against Warboys couldn’t prevent a Division Two defeat.


D. Griffin (Uffington 2nds) *135

P. Morgan (Bourne) 134

D. Robinson (Nassington) *122

P. Strickle (Wisbech 2nds) *122

J. Temple (Bourne) *120

T. Buck (Wisbech 2nds) 116

T. Mahmood (Werrington) *102

J. Evison (Bourne 3rds) *101

N. Bradbury (CAMRA) *100

J. McEntee (Burghley Park 2nds) *100

A. Larkin (Ufford Park) *98

A. Butt (Barnack) 92

C. Simmons (Stamford 2nds) *90

G. Hook (Burghley Park 2nds) *89

M. Munshif (Woodlands) 86

A. Wheatley (Market Deeping) 84

E. Kriek (Market Deeping) 83

D. Clarke (Peterborough Town) 80

M. Raheel (AK 11) 80

R. Trickett (Newborough) 80

R. Keymer (Ufford Park) *75

D. Christman (Bourne 2nds) *73

R. Evans (Castor) 72

M. Hodgson (Oundle) 72

B. Ogilvie (Benefield) 71

T. Dixon (Bourne) *70

S. Mahmood (Khalsa) 70

J. Dalley (Oundle 2nds) 68

J. Dee (Hampton) 68

S. Prentice (Stamford 2nds) 67

D. Clarke (Ramsey) 66

J. Briggs (Uffington 2nds) 65

R. Harris (Newborough) 65

D. Jones (Ramsey) 64

A. Vodnala (March) 64

R. Duffy (Nassington) 62

D. Herrick (Uffington) *60

M. Imran (King’s Keys) 59

J. Burgess (Sawtry) 58

J. Fischer (Burghley Park) 58

S. Dahiya (Ufford Park) 56

J. Gollands (Wisbech) *55

Z. Abbas (King’s Keys) 55

M. Cafferkey (Ramsey) 55

N. Odedra (Bharat Sports) 55

M. Palmer (Oundle 2nds) 55

G. Rowland (Newborough) 55

T. Juggins (Stamford) *54

S. Hayat (Peterborough Town 3rds) 53

J. McDougall (Market Deeping 2nds) 53

A. Ali (Nassington 2nds) *52

J. Markland (Ramsey) *52

T. Bentley (Bourne) 52

J. Brackenbury (Oundle 2nds) 52

S. Windsor (Market Deeping 2nds) 52

G. Freear (Wisbech) 51


T. Norman (Nassington) 8-41

S. Appan (Stamford 2nds) 6-32

D. Walker (Whittlesey) 6-33

G. Freear (Wisbech) 6-48

J. Charlton (Oundle 2nds) 6-57

J. Burton (Long Sutton) 5-12

T. Shinkins (Market Deeping 2nds) 5-14

J. Bolsover (Oundle) 5-26

R. Emery (Burghley Park) 5-28

A. Hussain (AK 11) 5-28

C. Ringham (March) 5-29

A. Greenwood (Newborough) 5-38

A. Parkins (Ramsey 3rds) 5-39