Christmas cracker of a round by Ropson

Every year there is a full entry list for the Ladies Turkey Trot at Greetham Valley, which as the name implies, rewards the winners with vouchers for Christmas dinner.

Thursday, 20th December 2018, 9:07 am
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 10:23 am
The Nene Park ladies section held the second half of their presentation of awards at the Holiday Inn on Saturday when trophies won in the last six months were handed out. Some of the trophy winners are pictured. Trophy winners were: Autumn Vase  Jayne Davis; Cathedral City Foursomes (Daily Mail Qualifier) - Pam Davis & Karen Martins; Allen Rose Bowl  Pam Cox & Cath Hunt; Singles Knockout (TW)  Cath Hunt; Stocks Cup (OM)  Ann Hawkins; Most Improved Golfer  Irene Watson; Summer Eclectic (OM)  Gross winner Ann Hawkins, Net winner Christine Dixon; Birdie Tree  Joint winners Anne Curwen & Cath Hunt; Par Bar  Pam Davis; TW Summer Eclectic  Anne Curwen; OM Ringer  joint winners Linda Macdonald & Gunilla Nillson-Green.

And this year the Ropson family will be celebrating as Kay headed the field of 45 with a score of 36 points.

The eight-handicapper started like a train on the Lakes course with birdies on the first two holes and continued very much in this vein over the front nine which she completed in only one over gross for 22 points.

Returning home Kay struggled a bit as two failures (on 11 and 14) pulled her back towards the chasing pack but par finishes on the last three holes just kept her at the top.

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Kay Ropson.

In second place was Peggy Smith (32 handicap) with 35 points and third was Diane Barnett (20 handicap ) with 34 points.




Christmas Saturday Stableford: Division One - 1 Clark McCrae 39pts; 2 Chris Savage 38pts; 3 Matthew Reed 38pts. Division Two - 1 Bandi Shoban 37pts; 2 Alex James 37pts; 3 Alan Bassendine 36pts.

December Stableford: Division One - 1 James Horwood 36pts; 2 James Middleton 36pts; 3 Ted Dunn 33pts. Division Two - 1 James Piggott 34pts; 2 Paul Martin 34pts; 3 Steven Nicholls 32pts. Division Three - 1 Gary Scott 40pts; 2 Paul Newton 37pts; 3 David Bird 32pts.


Weekend Winter Waltz: 1 Lesley McFarlane/Diahanne Gracey/Tracy Wilkinson 74pts; 2 Tracey Brown/Lesley Fredrick/Margaret Stone 61pts; 3 Ros Cuthbert/Racheal Fisher/Janette Hill 59pts.

Weekday Winter Waltz: 1 Ann Parkin/Irene Garnish/Ann Nichols 70pts; 2 Gill Preston/Ann Dewhurst/Dianne Ahearn 67pts; 3 Carole Dunn/Ann Lowrey/Lesley Fredrick 65pts.

Turkey Trot: 1 Ann Nicholls 30pts; 2 Myra Landsburgh 28pts; 3 Sue Hennigan 27pts; 4 Tracy Wilkinson 27pts; 5 Amanda Naunton 27pts; 6 Racheal Fisher 27pts; 7 Linda Gill 26pts; 8 Suzanne Evans 25pts; 9 Gill Preston 25pts.

Bring and Win: 1 Phil Cook 35pts; 2 Carol Dunn 35pts; 3 Pauline Levoi 30pts.



Orton Meadows December Medal: 1 Thomas Whittle 39pts; 2 Stephen Parker 39pts; 3 Mike McCreery 39pts.

Christmas Competition: Division One - 1 Mark Wright 39pts; 2 Mike McCreery 39pts; 3 Paul Wright 37pts. Division Two - 1 Mark Davaston 41pts; 2 Mark Stanley 36pts; 3 Richard Elliott 36pts.


Xmas Fourball Betterball: 1 Robert Evans/Steve Cazaly 44pts; 2 Richard Elliott/Antony Rozario.

Serpentine Green Winter League: Division One - 1 Mark Phillips 38pts; 2 Mark Turnbull 37pts; 3 Craig Shelton 36pts. Division Two - 1 Stephen Cazaly 38pts; 2 Martin Williment 36pts; 3 Ray Tempest 36pts


Christmas Texas Scramble: 1 Ann Hawkins/Veronica Hastie/Joyce Critchley/Michelle Gourdie 73.3; 2 Vanessa Morris/Jan James/Margaret Seed/Karen Hiles 77.5; 3 Doreen Asher/Christine Dixon/Anne Curwen 77.8.

Saturday Competition: 1 Karen Martins/Pam Cox 44 pts.



Turkey Trot: 1 Kay Ropson 45pts; 2 Peggy Smith 35pts; 3 Diane Barnett 34pts..


Xmas Scramble: 1 Trevor Smith/George Brand/Steve Roche/Dee Hinch 60.4 net; 2 Craig Allan/ Ian Cunningham/Andy Bell/Dee Ginnity 63 net; 3 Leon Wyche/David O’Leary/Mike Pare/Pat Jamieson 63.7 net; 4 Neil Crees/Packa Risi/ Simon Bell 63.8 net; 5 Bryan Birchall/Peter Maksymiw/Mel Clark/Ellie Haughton 65.2 net.


Winter League: 1 Paddy Padmore 42pts; 2 Keith Stafford 40pts; 3 Radley Wardhaugh 38pts.