The bream are starting to show at Ferry Meadows

At long last it looks as if the bream at Ferry Meadows have started to feed and anglers have reported much improved sport on both the Overton and Gunwade lakes.

Thursday, 24th May 2018, 9:44 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:45 am
Trevor Hopkins pictured with a the biggest carp caught this year from Float Fish Farm. It weighed 35lb.

They’re not back to their best but the signs are good.

One angler that put some time in at the city venue is Richard Farr and he was rewarded with a cracking net of bream caught on a feeder with hair-rigged corn estimated to weigh around the 60lb mark.

In the latest Peterborough & DAA match, sport was not quite so good, but on a very hot day with little wind once again conditions were far from ideal.

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Ferry Meadows winner Mark Davis.

Top rod with 37lb 3oz was Mark Davis. He fished a feeder at long range, as did the rest of the field. Runner-up Mal Hucknell had 30lb 12oz, followed by Ben Johnson with 29lb 7oz.

This weekend will see the start of the Ringers Series and all will be hoping to see more improvement in the action. The club and indeed the Ringer family have put a lot of time and effort into getting a major event at the venue and deserve the series to be a success. It’s all down to the fish now to play their part!


Many of the local commercial waters have seen the carp more interested in spawning than feeding and I suspect it will be much the same this coming weekend but still some very good weights have been taken across the area.

Hotpoint winner Vince Stapleton.

At the ever popular Decoy Lakes, Hotpoint AC saw the Cedar Pool produce one of the club’s best results for some time. In fact the match saw an average of close to 100lb per man fishing.I had 139lb and didn’t even make the frame!

Top rod was Vince Stapleton. He drew peg three and caught all day on a small Method feeder fished to his left and right margins to weigh in 157lb 2oz.

Runner-up wasPaul Faulkner with 142lb caught on pole and paste. Third place went to Kev Schneider with 140lb 10oz.


Cock Inn winner Chris Shortland.

The open match result from Decoy was not quite as good on the Oak Pool.

Lee Marlow took first place from peg 15 with 156lb 1oz, catching on pellet shallow, but then weights dropped.

Clayton Roberts came second with 87lb, followed by Simon Godfrey with 66lb 10oz.


The Oak Pool fished no better the previous day for the Conservative Club anglers with the in-form Bob Barrett taking the honours from peg 27 with 82lb 3oz. He fished sweetcorn down the margins.

Second with 79lb 14oz was Mark Parnell, who caught up in the water on pellet and also took a few fish late on in the margins with meat.

Third place went to Bob Walker on peg 12. He caught shallow with pellet to finish with 62lb 6oz.


JVAC fished Six Islands on the Decoy complex, a lake that rarely lets you down and the weights held up well.

Lee Kendal took the top spot with 145lb 14oz from peg 18. He caught on the long pole with pellet before switching to the margins with worm and caster for some better samples.

Runner-up on peg 19 was Roy Whincup with 125lb 13oz, caught close in on cat meat, followed by Nick Carlton on peg 15 with 116lb 3oz.

OVER 55s

The Over 55s match on the Willows saw anglers with plenty of room as the turnout was much lower than expected.

Leading the way was cat meat specialist Chris Saunders who is rarely out of the frame in these matches. He drew peg 11 and put 147lb 5oz to the scales.

In second place from peg 30 was Mike Mitchell, who caught on the pole and pellet for 114lb 15oz, then came Keith Rayment with 110lb 13oz from peg 24.


The Beastie Lake is always a difficult water to crack when the fish are spawning and so it proved on Sunday for those fishing the Cock Inn match.

The exception was match winner on peg 11 Chris Shortland. He caught all day on a small feeder fished across to the far side with pellet putting a fine 149lb 9oz to the scales.

Runner-up from peg 15 was Sean Smith, who also fished a feeder for 66lb 3oz, then came Danny O’Brian on 63lb 13oz.


Sport at Float Fish Farm Fishery has really picked up over the past few weeks and not just for the match anglers.

Pleasure catches on the Home Lake have been good with lots of doubles showing but the real treat for the specimen anglers has been the form of both Sands and Lapwing. The latter in particular has seen some huge fish taken.

Match weights have also shown a dramatic improvement from just a few weeks ago. In the Wednesday Over 60s match Danny Carlton put a fine 138lb 11oz net of carp to the scales taken on the feeder and pole from peg 20 to take first place. Close behind on peg 23 was Stan Dow with 124lb 6oz.

Saturday’s open match again on Two Islands was even better, Andy Adams topped a strong field with 190lb 14oz from hot peg eight alternating between the feeder and pole. Mark Cree took the runner-up spot with 123lb 3oz .