Wheeler plans to be the one to walk tall at York Hall

Peterborough cruiserweight Karl Wheeler aims to prove size doesn't matter on Saturday night (March 19).

Thursday, 17th March 2016, 10:27 am
Updated Thursday, 17th March 2016, 10:29 am
Karl Wheeler (right) in action.
Karl Wheeler (right) in action.

The 33 year-old from Hampton meets Biola Kudus over eight rounds for the vacant British Classic Challenge Belt at the York Hall in Bethnal Green and for the first time in his pro career, Wheeler faces a taller opponent.

Kudis scales a lofty 6ft 5ins - and Wheeler says that suits him.

He said: “He’s the ideal opponent for me. I’ve always thought slipping shots, getting inside and having a fight were my strengths.

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“But so far, I haven’t had to do it in a fight.

“I love getting in there and having a tear up - and I’ve got the chance to do it on Saturday night.

“I go out there to jab and move sometimes, but I get bored doing that.

“I like to have a fight and that’s what the fans want to see as well. They want to be entertained and win, lose or draw, I like to think I entertain.”

Wheeler, sponsored by Global Self Drive, Maximum Nutrition, Bore Hole Solutions, Apex, Barkingheads, Layla’s Lengths and Logic Security, has had plenty of entertaining fights in his professional career.

City fight fans remember his up-and-down scrap with JJ Ojuederie at Werrington Leisure Centre in 2005 as the best fight seen in Peterborough for years.

Wheeler says Kudus has never had to dig as deep as he did that afternoon.

He said: “Kudus has never fought anyone with a winning record.

“He’s only ever fought journeymen who are just turning up to get paid.

“This fight isn’t about the money to me.

“It means redemption for me after I lost my last fight and it can set me up for bigger fights.

“I’m hoping for a shot at the English or British title sometime. I want that fairytale ending to my boxing career.”

This weekend’s fight gives Wheeler the chance to win a belt, but he says his main motivation is to end his opponent’s unbeaten record.

He said: “I’m really, really up for this fight.

“I’ve never had a trophy or a belt from boxing, so it would be nice to have this belt, but it’s about more than that.

“This guy was so disrespectful the way he talked to me at the press conference the other week.

“I’m fighting to get a better life for my family and I thought it was disgraceful the way he talked to me.

“I’ve never really felt this way before a fight before.

“What’s been said has given me a real buzz. I really want to show these guys.

“Everything has gone well in the gym and I’m looking forward to it.

“I’ve had no niggles in training and sparring has gone well. I’ve had sparring with good fighters who really make me work.

“I like to box and have a rest, but I’ve been taken out of my comfort zone in sparring.

“I’ve had eight and 10 round spars and I’ve had to work every second of every round.

“I feel so refreshed.

“I was training twice a day, seven days a week, but now I’m having a rest day every week and that’s giving me energy to do more in the gym.”

Wheeler says he has a handful of tickets left for the fight and they are available from 07398-750739.