SWANNY'S WORLD OF SPORT: Lewis in pole position for loser's award

It's not been a great few weeks for British sport. If there was an anti-Sports Personality of the Year, the BBC would have a long list of contenders.

Friday, 14th October 2016, 7:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 3:15 pm
Loser Lewis Hamilton.

It’s not been a great few weeks for British sport. If there was an anti-Sports Personality of the Year, the BBC would have a long list of contenders. They could call it a ‘loser’s list.’

Lewis Hamilton would be a firm favourite to win. He’s acted like a prize chump for most of the season before careering completely out of control in the last few weeks.

Hamilton’s problem is he’s a boring man in a boring sport. Any attempts to appear interesting or entertaining are bound to fail.

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Bradley Wiggins should retire immediately.

He should concentrate on learning how to start a fast car properly and then saving what’s left of a tattered reputation by winning races again.

Whereas tainted cyclist Sir Bradley Wiggins really needs to retire now rather than attempt to bow out on his own terms later this year.

Of all the sports in the world, professional cycling has to be seen to be more squeaky clean than any other.

Sadly Wiggins, who denies any wrongdoing and has been found guilty of nothing more sinister than a less than convincing defence so far, is now damaged goods thanks to the hopeless management of the recent revelations about TUEs (therapeutic use exemptions).

No team needs a Chris Ashton.

For a man supposedly so careful and meticulous, cycling supremo Sir Dave Brailsford has been wanting in this whole disturbing exercise. He’s been guilty of rushing out one of the weakest cover stories of all time in trying to defend his team’s integrity.

As Twitter’s greatest irritant Piers Morgan said earlier this week, ‘I’m very worried about Bradley Wiggins now collapsing from his asthma condition without his banned medication.’

I really wanted England to beat Bangladesh in the latest one-day international series, preferably thanks to inspired captaincy and brilliant batsmanship from skipper Jos Buttler.

Eoin Morgan’s decision to skip the tour for safety reasons still irks me greatly and it pained me to hear England chief Andrew Strauss confirm the Irishman will be re-instated as captain once he bothers to make himself available for his adopted country again.

Tyson Fury is an embarrassment.

Morgan and Strauss can dress it up all they like, but the players will know their captain decided not to fight with them in the trenches when the going got really tough.

Morgan is damaged goods. It’s not as though he ever scores any runs anyway. Get rid with the same decisiveness used to terminate Kevin Pietersen’s career.

Boxer Tyson Fury has brought nothing, but shame on his country and on his sport, and should also quit public life in disgrace.

Only Donald Trump has spouted more nonsense than Fury this year.

Bradley Wiggins should retire immediately.

And I took an instant dislike to rugby union winger Chris Ashton when he started to swallow dive over the line every time he crossed for a try at the start of his international career.

That international career is all but over now and thank the lord for that. He’s been found guilty of eye-gouging and biting and who needs thugs like that in their team?

No team needs a Chris Ashton.
Tyson Fury is an embarrassment.