‘Street fighter’ Renda from Newborough going back to his roots

Cello Renda (right) is ready for a punch-up.
Cello Renda (right) is ready for a punch-up.
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Cello Renda is ready to turn the clock back to his wayward youth in front of the TV cameras next Saturday night, 14 February.

Renda is in the eight-man line-up for the middleweight ‘Prizefighter’ in Blackpool.

Sky Sports will be screening all the action live from the Winter Gardens and their viewers know all about Renda.

His final with Martin Murray in November, 2008 is remembered as one of the best ever ‘Prizefighter’ punch ups - and his dramatic double knockdown against Paul Samuels was used as part of an advertising campaign on Sky Sports.

Renda learned to fight at school and although not proud of his troubled past, the 29 year-old from Newborough reckons his misspent youth gives him an edge going into ‘Prizefighter.’

Renda said: “In ‘Prizefighter,’ you can’t hang around, you have to get stuck in straight away - and that suits me down to the ground.

“I didn’t have an amateur career, I come from a street fighting background and when you fight on the street, you have to get stuck in fast or you end up on your back.

“That’s how I learned how to fight. You get the first punch in because if you don’t, you could be in big trouble.”

Renda has put his troubled youth behind him and is now an inspiration to others.

As part of the Peterborough Youth Boxing Project, he goes into schools teaching non-contact boxing to pupils and he also works with the Boxing Futures project that works with offenders.

Renda, sponsored by CK Direct, Herald Motor Company and G’Damore Ltd, also has a wedding to plan for.

He became engaged to girlfriend Nicola Young at Christmas - Renda proposed while the couple were on holiday in America - and says winning ‘Prizefighter’ on Valentine’s Day will help set them up for their future together.

The winner of three, three-round fights at the Winter Gardens will scoop a £32,000 prize and Renda said: “I told Nicola that ‘Prizefighter’ was on Valentine’s Day and she said: ‘Don’t worry.’

“I’ve promised to take her out for a meal the next day with my winnings! I’m hoping I won’t have any black eyes or bruises.

“Winning ‘Prizefighter’ would also help us buy a house together and that’s what we want.”

There are four unbeaten fighters in the line-up, but of the eight hopefuls, Renda is the only one who’s fought in ‘Prizefighter’ before and says his “high-intensity” training will ensure he can have another good run in the competition in front of what’s sure to be a sell-out crowd.

He’s been training with manager Jon Pegg in Birmingham and said: “I get a new sparring partner every couple of rounds who comes in fresh and really gives it to me.

“It’s high-intensity stuff and that’s what ‘Prizefighter’ is all about.

“I know what it takes in ‘Prizefighter’ and if you look at my record, you will see I’ve got 10 knockouts inside three rounds and that shows just how dangerous I am in the early rounds.”

Tickets for ‘Prizefighter’ are available from 07947-106116.