Bowls - Reigning singles champions safely over the first hurdle

Linda Darani in action.
Linda Darani in action.
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The outdoor county competitions are up and running and the defending champions in three of the Northants Women’s Bowling Federation singles competitions are safely into the next round.

Linda Darani (City of Peterborough), who completed the two-bowl and four-bowl singles double last year, defeated indoor singles champion Jenny Harvey (Parkway) 21-10 in the opening round of the two-bowl version and received a walkover in the four-bowl.

Helen Crow (Parkway), who denied Darani a hat-trick of singles titles last year when winning the senior singles, defeated Judy Ford (Yaxley) 21-15 in the preliminary round.




Preliminary round: Joan Robinson (Yaxley) bt Linda Toms (Conservatives) 21-18; Fiona Richardson (CoP) bt Sharon Green (Peterborough & District) 21-20; Vie Hatch (West Ward) bt Val Du’Kett (Ketton) 21-13; Sarah Newson (Parkway) bt Norma Squires (CoP) 21-17; Shirley Suffling (Barnack) bt Judy Ford (Yaxley) 21-19; Helen Crow (Parkway) bt Karen Martin (Parkway) 21-13; Sue Moir (Langtoft Pearl) bt Julie Masters (Parkway) 21-8; Linda Darani (CoP) bt Jenny Harvey (Parkway) 21-10. Walkovers: Sheila Craig (Conservatives), Wendy Stevens (Peterborough & District), Sharon Bailey (Blackstones), Tina Tinklin (Conservatives), Hazel Bass (Yaxley).


Preliminary round: Shirley Suffling (Barnack) bt Fiona Richardson (CoP) 21-6; Linda Toms (Conservatives) bt Anne Cullingworth (Langtoft Pearl) 21-11; Glenys Edwards (Kettono) bt Judy Ford (Yaxley) 21-9; Karen Martin (Parkway) bt Vie Hatch (West Ward) 21-20; Helen Crow (Parkway) bt Hazel Bass (Yaxley) 21-15; Wendy Stevens (Peterborough & District) bt Jenny Harvey (Parkway) 21-16; Sharon Green (Peterborough & District) bt Janet Duffy (Parkway) 21-11; Sharon Bailey (Blackstones) bt Joan Robinson (Yaxley) 21-14; Sheila Craig (Conservatives) bt Viv Hempsall (Yaxley) 21-3. Walkovers: Pam Plowman (Ketton), Sue Moir (Langtoft Pearl), Sarah Newson (Parkway), Norma Squires (CoP), Chris Ford (Barnack), Linda Darani (CoP).


Preliminary round: Val Du’Kett (Ketton) bt Carol Warters (Ketton) 21-15; Norma Squires (CoP) bt Anne Cullingworth (Langtoft Pearl) 21-15; Wendy Harrold (Whittlesey Manor) bt W. Perry (Conservatives) 21-8; Helen Crow (Parkway) bt Judy Ford (Yaxley) 21-15; Sue Moir (Langtoft Pearl) bt Pat Collicott (Deeping) 21-5; Glenys Edwards (Ketton) bt Kathy Browning (Yaxley) 21-12; Hazel Bass (Yaxley) bt Chris Ford (Ketton) 21-12; Joan Robinson (Yaxley) bt Peggy Garn (Conservatives) 21-10; Sheila Craig (Conservatives) bt Wendy Stevens (Peterborough & District) 21-7. Walkovers: Shirley Suffling (Barnack), Jenny Harvey (Parkway), Pam Plowman (Ketton), Rita Mace (Whittlesey Manor).


Preliminary round: Anne Cullingworth (Langtoft Pearl) bt Kathie Roden (Whittlesey Manor) 19-8; Helen Crow (Parkway) bt Wendy Stevens (Peterborough & District) 23-11; Val Newson (Parkway) bt Sharon Bailey (Blackstones) 21-6; Glenys Edwards (Ketton) bt Wendy Harrold (Whittlesey Manor) 16-14; Pat Collicott (Deeping) bt Vie Hatch (West Ward) 25-5; Sheila Craig (Conservatives) bt Julie Masters (Parkway) 26-4; Val Du’Kett (Ketton) bt Margaret Linnell (West Ward) 15-14; Kathy Browning (Yaxley) bt Pearl O’Brien (Deeping) 29-7; Judy Ford (Yaxley) bt Ann Cooper (Yaxley) 19-17.


Hunts men got their Eastern Counties League campaign up and running with a 120-113 victory away to Hertfordshire which puts them second behind Essex after two matches - they lost the opener at home to Norfolk .

The executive rink currently top their section with two wins out of two, but the two rinks of under 30s that also play in the team have only gathered two points from a possible eight.


It is sad to report the deaths last week of two well-known local bowlers, West Ward stalwart Ross Barr, husband of Northants Women’s Bowling Federation secretary Liz, and former Hunts Women’s Bowling Association president Daphne Houghton, both after length illnesses.


The City of Peterborough club are organising a first open triples tournament to be played on their new green at Bretton Gate. It’s set for Monday, July 27 and each team will be guaranteed four matches, the winners receiving the Tom Lenton Trophy and a £60 first prize.