BOWLS: Women raring to go, youngster beats two-time national champion

Northants women will be looking for a good start when they return to Donald Stewart Trophy action against North Cambs at March Town tomorrow (May 21).

Friday, 20th May 2016, 2:44 pm
Updated Friday, 20th May 2016, 3:45 pm
Stephen Harris.

After a year out following team-raising problems, the county are now raring to go in what is now a revamped format with teams fielding just five rinks instead of six.

Even though the teams have been reduced by three players, North Cambs are still only able to field one team in the inter-county competitions this season, so Northants’ Silver Jubilee Vase squad will have to wait until June 1 to open their campaign at home to Suffolk.

Mary Malton takes on the task of non-playing captain this season as Northants bid to reach the final for the first time since 1994, when they won it for a second time.

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Adam Warrington in action.

Northants: Fiona Richardson, Norma Squires, Linda Darani (all City of Peterborough). Shirley Suffling (Ketton), Doris Flowers (Yaxley), Julie Masters (Peterborough & District). Sue Moir (Langtoft Pearl), Liz Hext, Sheila Craig (both Conservatives). Liz Barr (West Ward), Chris Ford (Ketton), Hazel Bass (Yaxley). Ann Cullingworth (Langtoft Pearl), Jessica Phillips (City of Peterborough), Joan Padley (Yaxley).

Hunts county competitions get under way in earnest this weekend with the staging of the men’s two-bowl singles.

No fewer than sixty bowlers registered their interest at the end of last season when entries were made, and the day-long event at Brampton on Saturday will be played down to the final, with both finalists set to represent the county in the national finals at Leamington in August.

The defending champion is Stuart Popple, who is among no fewer than 16 Parkway entries.

Adam Warrington in action.

The opening rounds in the Northants Bowling Federation men’s and women’s competitions are well under way.

One intriguing result from the preliminary round of the men’s two-bowl singles was the defeat of twice national champion Adam Warrington by his young Blackstones club-mate Stephen Harris, last year’s county under 25 singles champion.

West Ward, Parkway, Warboys A and St Ives were the local winners in the opening round of the Bowls England men’s Club Two Fours event.

Local results: West Ward bt Somersham 44-30; Parkway bt City of Peterborough 46-27; Warboys A bt Brampton 47-32; St Ives bt Whittlesey Manor 39-23.



TWO-BOWL SINGLES, preliminary round: Roger Stevens (Whittlesey Manor) bt Andy Cook (Parkway) 21-11; Dave Roberts (Market Deeping) bt Peter A. White (Yaxley) 21-7; Terry English (Whittlesey Town) bt Tony Mace (Whittlesey Manor) 21-19; Cliff Watson (Peterborough & District) bt Brian Bassam (Peterborough & District) 21-14; Fred Richardson (Whittlesey Manor) bt Norman Hill (Yaxley) 21-6; Howard Shipp (Parkway) bt Andrew Cooper (Yaxley) 21-17; Martin Welsford (Whittlesey Manor) bt Tim Porter (Market Deeping) 21-10; Darren Lord (Whittlesey Manor) bt Mick Leighton (Langtoft Pearl) 21-20; Brian Martin (Parkway) bt Dave Corney (Peterborough & District) 21-8; Craig Campbell (Parkway) bt John Kemp (Whittlesey Town) 21-8; Ean Eagle (West Ward) bt Mike Ramsden (Blackstones) 21-19; Sean Fenlon (West Ward) bt Dick Ford (Ketton) 21-13; Stephen Harris (Blackstones) bt Adam Warrington (Blackstones) 21-10; Stuart Woodcock (Whittlesey Manor) bt Jim Ruddy (West Ward) 21-10; Keith Burrows (West Ward) bt Steve Roden (Whittlesey Manor) 21-15; Peter Harvey (Yaxley) bt Wilf Redhead (Peterborough & District) 21-12; Paul Buckley (Blackstones) bt Josh Clark (Parkway) 21-8; Gerald Homewood (Langtoft Pearl) bt Jeff Clipston (Peterborough & District) 21-11; Peter Holmes (Crowland) bt Richard Allam (Stamford) 21-18; Jack Corney (Whittlesey Manor) bt Dick Noble (West Ward) 21-11; Robert Heath (Yaxley) bt David James (Parkway) 21-20; Peter Brown (Whittlesey Manor) bt Andrew Thurston (Parkway) 21-11. Walkovers: Joe Martin (Peterborough & District), Paul Bailey (Blackstones), Paul Dalliday (Whittlesey Manor), John Wiles (Yaxley).

MIXED PAIRS, preliminary round: Malcolm Squires (City of Peterborough) bt Andy Cook (Parkway) 19-6; Andy Dyer (Conservatives) bt Peter A. White (Yaxley) 20-14; Sam Wilson (Parkway) bt Graham Agger (Yaxley) 20-10; Dave Hilton (West Ward) bt Ray Bass (Yaxley) 19-15; Stephen Harris (Blackstones) bt Les Sharp (Yaxley) 21-18; Peter Brown (Whittlesey Manor) bt Dick Ford (Ketton) 18-16; Bob Warters (Ketton) bt Martin Fletcher (Langtoft Pearl) 21-12; Brian Martin (Parkway) bt Richard Montgomery (Langtoft Pearl) 23-12; Tony Mace (Whittlesey Manor) bt Tony Kemp (Conservatives) 19-13; Dave Corney (Peterborough & District) bt Andrew Thurston (Parkway) 22-14; Fred Richardson (Whittlesey Manor) bt Peter Marchant (Yaxley) 16-9; Michael Millar (Blackstones) bt Bruce Saint (Yaxley) 24-6; Roger Martin (City of Peterborough) bt Howard Shipp (Parkway) 18-17; Steve Roden (Whittlesey Manor) bt Joe Martin (Peterborough & District); Andrew Cooper (Yaxley) bt Peter White (Langtoft Pearl) 20-10. Walkovers: Terry Corney (Whittlesey Town), Peter Cox (Langtoft Pearl), Brian Bassam (Peterborough & District), John Holroyd (Stamford).

TWO-BOWL TRIPLES, preliminary round: Dave Hilton (West Ward) bt Brian Davis (Crowland) 19-18; Martin Bailey (Blackstones) bt John Wadsworth (Crowland) 25-13.


TWO-BOWL SINGLES, preliminary round: Sheila Craig (Conservatives) bt Angela Cox (Langtoft Pearl) 21-11; Hazel Bass (Yaxley) bt Ann Cullingworth (Langtoft Pearl) 21-14; Linda Darani (City of Peterborough) bt Louise Harris (Blackstones) 21-14; Rita Mace (Whittlesey Manor) bt Norma White (Yaxley) 21-6; Joan Robinson (Yaxley) bt Julie Masters (Peterborough & District) 21-19; Sharon Green (Peterborough & District) bt Val Du’Kett (Ketton) 21-14; Pam Plowman (Ketton) bt W. Perry (Crowland) 21-14; Vie Hatch (West Ward) bt Linda Toms (Conservatives) 21-11; Sharon Bailey (Blackstones) bt Viv Hempsell (Yaxley) 21-18; Sue Moir (Langtoft Pearl) bt Shirley Suffling (Ketton) 21-13. Walkovers: Judy Ford (Yaxley), Sarah Newson (Parkway), Fiona Richardson (City of Peterborough), Chris Ford (Ketton).

FOUR-BOWL SINGLES, preliminary round: Sharon Bailey (Blackstones) bt Sheila Craig (Conservatives) 21-18; Angela Cox (Langtoft Pearl) bt Pam Plowman (Ketton) 21-11; Joan Robinson (Yaxley) bt Chris Ford (Ketton) 21-17; Val Du’Kett (Ketton) bt Louise Harris (Blackstones) 21-17; Linda Kemp (Conservatives) bt Glenys Edwards (Ketton) 21-18; W. Perry (Crowland) bt Viv Hempsell (Yaxley) 21-9; Hazel Bass (Yaxley) bt Judy Ford (Yaxley) 21-13; Julie Masters (Peterborough & District) bt V. Slater (Crowland) 21-13; Ann Cullingworth (Langtoft Pearl) bt Norma White (Yaxley) 21-6; Norma Squires (City of Peterborough) bt Vie Hatch (West Ward) 21-15; Sharon Green (Peterborough & District) bt Shirley Suffling (Ketton) 21-13. Walkovers: Fiona Richardson (City of Peterborough), Sue Moir (Langtoft Pearl), Linda Darani (City of Peterborough), M. McKernan (Parkway).

SENIOR SINGLES, preliminary round: Doris Flowers (Yaxley) bt Pearl O’Brien (Deeping) 21-10; Fiona Richardson (City of Peterborough) bt Vie Hatch (West Ward) 21-10; Chris Ford (Ketton) bt Hazel Bass (Yaxley) 21-20; Sheila Craig (Conservatives) bt Carol Grief (Crowland) 21-9; Shirley Suffling (Ketton) bt V. Slater (Crowland) 21-17; Norma Squires (City of Peterborough) bt Sue Moir (Langtoft Pearl) 21-20; Joan Robinson (Yaxley) bt Glenys Edwards (Ketton) 21-10; Viv Hempsell (Yaxley) bt Judy Ford (Yaxley) 21-19. Walkovers: Norma White (Yaxley), Pam Plowman (Ketton), Val Du’Kett (Ketton), Wendy Harrold (Whittlesey Manor).

SENIOR PAIRS, preliminary round: Margaret Linnell (West Ward) bt Glenys Edwards (Ketton) 18-13; Chris Ford (Ketton) bt Kath Browning (Yaxley) 17-15; Julie Masters (Peterborough & District) bt Fiona Richardson (City of Peterborough) 19-17; Liz Barr (West Ward) bt Ann Cooper (Yaxley) 19-14; Linda Darani (City of Peterborough) bt Pearl O’Brien (Deeping) 24-7. Walkovers: Ann Cullingworth (Langtoft Pearl), Doris Flowers (Yaxley).

PAIRS, preliminary round: Judy Ford (Yaxley) bt Vie Hatch (West Ward) 23-13; Ann Cullingworth (Langtoft Pearl) bt Pearl O’Brien (Deeping) 24-18; Val Newson (Parkway) bt Ann Cooper (Yaxley) 28-4; Glenys Edwards (Ketton) bt Val Du’Kett (Ketton) 23-16; Chris Ford (Ketton) bt Wendy Harrold (Whittlesey Manor) 20-14; Linda Kemp (Conservatives) bt Doris Flowers (Yaxley) 22-12; Margaret Linnell (West Ward) bt Janet Duffy (Whittlesey Manor) 23-7; Sheila Craig (Conservatives) bt Liz Barr (West Ward) 20-5. Walkovers: Sue Moir (Langtoft Pearl), Fiona Richardson (City of Peterborough), Julie Masters (Peterborough & District), Hannah Overton (Parkway).

TWO-BOWL TRIPLES, preliminary round: Sheila Craig (Conservatives) bt Sharon Bailey (Blackstones) 24-17; Julie Masters (Peterborough & District) bt Kath Browning (Yaxley) 16-14. Walkover: Val

Du’Kett (Ketton).

THREE-BOWL TRIPLES, preliminary round: Kathie Roden (Whittlesey Manor) bt Margaret Linnell (West Ward) 23-8; Julie Masters (Peterborough & District) bt Judy Ford (Yaxley) 33-14. Walkover: Val Du’Kett (Ketton).

l THE funeral service for well-known local bowler Bob Crow (Langtoft Pearl) takes place at Peterborough Crematorium next Wednesday at 1.00pm.