Athletics: Eye athletes have a great time at the Glastonbury of running

Sean Selcraig ran 16 laps in 24 hours.
Sean Selcraig ran 16 laps in 24 hours.
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Nineteen Eye Community Runners took part in the annual running festival, TR24, which is commonly regarded as the Glastonbury of running.

It brought together hundreds of runners from around the country to enjoy the challenge ahead, and with Eye’s unique band of cheerleaders, the event started at midday on Saturday and continued through to its end at midday on Sunday.

The course was an extremely challenging 10k cross-country one which not only needed endurance, but a certain mental attitude, set in the lovely grounds of Catton Park, near Burton on Trent. With the weekend’s variable weather, conditions were extremely tough, with the hills becoming even more challenging both going up and down them.

Eye provided four teams, with a team of eight together with two teams of five and then a solo runner. Each member of the team had their own challenges, whether this was simply running the challenging course, to running back-to-back 10ks or to running in the middle of the night with a head torch through the woods on the course.

Finally, through to the epic challenge that solo runner Sean Selcraig had set himself, by completing 16 laps of the course in the 24 hours. It was noticeable that all around the course each team, whether a fellow runner or spectator who saw the ‘solos’ at whatever time of the day or night had a word of encouragement for them, and after the finish Sean said “there is no way I could have done all of this without the support that I received from everyone on the course, and especially my team mates.”