Will powers to Decoy victory

Gary Sell won the Cock Inn match.
Gary Sell won the Cock Inn match.
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At long last it looks as if sport on the Decoy complex is really starting to pick up again.

If we could just get rid of the frosts we would see an even bigger improvement.

In In the latest JVAC match split over two pools, Cedar and Elm, it was the latter that produced the better form.

Top rod on Cedar with a very respectable 75lb 4oz was Will Hadley on peg 14. He caught on the pole with sweetcorn.

Runner-up on this lake was Andy Gausden with 66lb 14oz, then came Terry Tribe with 65lb 7oz.

Jay Richardson took the honours on Elm with 45lb 15oz, catching close in fishing pellet from peg eight.

Andy Kelk came second with 32lb 5oz with Gus Gausden third with 31lb 14oz.


Still on the Decoy Lakes, Cock Inn continued their winter series fishing the Four Island Pool.

It was Gary Sell taking first place from a cold but productive peg four.

He put 57lb 12oz to the scales - a net of F1s and a few better carp taken on the pole with red maggot.

Steve Smith came second with 30lb 1oz followed by Paul Faulkner on 24lb 9oz.