Tim certainly has a day to rave about

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Once the weather turns cold and we have had several frosts pike anglers are in their element.

For some reason the pike seem to come alive and it’s not unusual to hear of multiple catches coming from fenland drains. It’s not been that easy so far though as we have yet to see winter arrive.

But that didn’t stop predator angler Tim Lilley having a day to remember at Raveley Drain. Several other anglers were pike fishing the tiny drain but they couldn’t match Lilley’s tremendous net of fish.

He caught a total of 11 fish consisting of three small jacks, seven better samples between 5lb and 8lb and the best of the day going to the scales at 16lb 2oz. He caught on float fished dead bait on the bottom using spratts and roach.

The early morning session produced most of the fish and then after lunch he moved along the drain and managed a couple more before the light faded.

I expect to see a lot more pike anglers out over the holiday period, particularly if the forecasters have it right and we get a cold spell with frosts.

All the fen drains should fish well, including the Twenty and Forty Foot, the North Level , French Drove, Cock Bank and Glassmoor Bank.