Shaun is best on the Four Island Pool

Angling news from the Peterborough Telegraph -
Angling news from the Peterborough Telegraph -
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JVAC were at Decoy at the weekend fishing the Four Island Pool and Lou’s Pool.

Shaun Best was top rod on the Four Island with 67lb 5oz of carp taken on the pole with pellet from peg three.

Then came Nick Carlton on peg four with 65lb 3oz followed by Barry Nicholls on 57lb 10oz.

On Lou’s, Will Hadley took the honours from peg six with 94lb 8oz on the pole and pellet.

Second was Andy Kew on 62lb 12oz and Gus Gausden was third with 56lb 4oz


There were some consistent weights taken on Carrot Wash in the latest Whittlesey club match.

Out in front was Mel Saggers with 7 lb 11oz - a good stamp of fish caught on the pole and the waggler.

Runner-up was Mark Chesters, who weighed in 6lb 8oz taken from the end peg next to the bridge.

Brian Best came in third with 6lb 7oz.


Float Fish Farm Fishery, Wednesday Over 60s, Wagtail Pool: 1 R. Coles 61lb; 2 D. Rushden 27lb 2oz; 3 V. Hull 15lb 8oz.

Float Fish Farm Fishery, Saturday Open, Two Islands Pool: 1 V. Hull 112lb 7oz; 2 P. Green 45lb 15oz; 3 S. Best 27lb 2oz.

Haddon Lodge: 1 M. Goodman 9lb 5oz; 2= L. Melillo Junior and P. Telszewski 8lb 2oz; 4 L Melillo Senior 7lb 2oz.

Webbs AC pairs match, Float Fish Farm Fishery, Horseshoe Pool: 1 A. Marshall/G. Scally 33lb 3oz; 2 A. Forrest/M. Webb 32 lb 10oz; 3 H. Murphy/P. DeCellio 22lb 12 oz.