Sensas are on the mark at last but they may have left it too late

John Taylor won the East Midlands Winter League match.
John Taylor won the East Midlands Winter League match.
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The fourth round of the Angling Trust East Midlands Winter League fished on the Old Nene at Benwick and Factory Bank at Ramsey once again produced a very good match and at long last we saw the real Sensas Mark One team turn up.

They have been under-performing since the series of six matches got under way and even though they topped a very strong field they may still have left it too late to make it through to the final to be fished in February on Decoy Lakes and Fenland drains.

They scored just 23 points, two ahead of the consistent Browning Hotrods, who look to be assured of a final place now barring a complete disaster in the last two matches.

That just leaves one qualifying place still up for grabs with Sensas Mark One, Stanjay Gold and Maver Image battling it out.

It turned out to be a very good day for the Sensas lads on the individual front too as team man John Taylor topped the field from Factory Bank with a fine 17lb 7oz catch.

Steve Welford put in a good performance to take the runner-up spot from the Old Nene at Benwick with 15lb 5oz.

The practice match for the penultimate round is this Sunday on the Old Nene at March which should fish well after a good flush through.

Result: 1 J. Taylor, Sensas Mark One White, 17lb 9oz; 2 S. Welford, Browning Hotrods, 15lb 5oz; 3 P. Vasey, Maver Image, 15lb 3oz; 4 R. Wright, Browning Hotrods, 14lb 14oz; 5 A. Lemmon, Sensas Mark One White, 14lb 11oz.

Teams: 1 Sensas Mark One White, 23pts; 2 Browning Hotrods, 25; 3 Maver Image, 27; 4 Stanjay Gold, 29; 5 Stanjay Silver, 51; 6 Sensas Mark One Black, 53.

League: 1 Browning Hotrods, 6pts; 2 Maver Image, 10pts; 3= Stanjay Gold and Sensas Mark One White, both 12pts; 5= Stanjay Silver and Sensas Mark One Black both 22pts.


There was a full house for the latest Decoy Lakes Two Day Winter Festival fished on the Beastie Lake and although it was fished in far from wintry conditions, the driving wind and rain that swept across the fishery proved to be a real test for even the best of anglers lining the banks.

Day One saw Pete Lamdin top the field from peg 24. He fished a straight lead halfway to the island and also a short pole line both with maggot to finish on 61lb 4oz.

March rod Barry Mason fished the feeder to the island for most of the day to finish second with 55lb 12oz.

Better conditions saw weights improve on day two right around the lake and there was no stopping Bob Fairs after drawing out the winning peg 24 from the previous day’s match.

He caught on the feeder at the start of the match, then switched to pole and maggot to finish a clear winner with 108lb.

The win on the day and a good result from the first day saw him scoop the honours with five points.

Result: Day One: 1 P. Lamdin, 61lb 4oz; 2 B. Mason, 55lb 12oz; 3 T. Edwards, 55lb 8oz; 4 B. Fairs, 54lb 3oz.

Day Two: 1 B. Fairs, 108lb; 2 T. Edwards, 90lb 15oz; 3 S. Godfrey, 84lb 12oz; 4 W. Shepherd 83lb 10oz.

Overall: 1 B. Fairs, 5pts; 2 T. Edwards, 5pts; 3 W. Shepherd, 10pts; 4 J. Whincup, 15pts.