Old Nene has to be one of the country’s top winter venues

Paul Kilby won the Ramsey match on the Old Nene at Ramsey St Marys.
Paul Kilby won the Ramsey match on the Old Nene at Ramsey St Marys.
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Temperatures failed to get much above freezing point all day despite long periods of sunshine. So it was something of a surprise to see such a big turnout for the March Open on the Old Nene.

I suppose with the venue in such great form it was inevitable that anglers would still be willing to give it a go and travel so far for the chance of some big roach weights.

And once again this venue produced the goods. In fact it was so good despite the freezing conditions that the Old Nene has to go down as one of the best, if not the best, winter match venue in the country.

Bill Beenham from the Stour Valley team took the top spot from his peg on market corner close to the town centre clock tower.

He fished bread punch for most of the day concentrating on a four and five-metre whip line. He caught roach, skimmers and a few perch to finish with a very impressive 22lb 6oz.

Best of our local rods was Rob Wright.

The in-form Browning Hotrods squad man has done really well of late in team matches as well as club and open events since his move to March.

This match saw him in fine form netting 21lb 8oz from his peg one above Wigston Bridge.

Wright started on a bread punch line, catching a few late on with pinkie over groundbait to give him a total of just over 300 fish at the final whistle.

Third place went to Dave Cooper, again from the Wigston Bridge section.

He weighed in 20lb 12oz, then came Alistair Ogilvie on 18lb 5oz, Mike Buckwalder with 16lb 2oz and last in the prize list was Godmanchester tackle dealer Stan Binge on a level 16lb.


When your luck is in you often get a chance right at the end of a match to pull victory out of the jaws of defeat and that’s exactly what Paul Kilby did.

He was lagging behind Ivan Steels at the next peg on small fish, so decided to go for a tench in the latter stages of the Ramsey AS club match fished on the Old Nene at Ramsey St Marys on Sunday.

Right on the whistle his float dipped under and he was into a decent fish.

After a struggle on the pole he managed to get it up to the surface only to spot his fish firmly hooked in the tail.

A few more minutes and it was safely netted along with the top spot and the winner’s pay packet.

Kilby finished the day weighing in 7lb 10oz with Steels second on 7lb 2oz.

Then came Ken Taylor with 4lb 11 oz and Andrew Kilby with 4lb 9 oz.


Whittlesey AA anglers have been having a great time on their club waters of late and in Saturday’s match on Bevills Leam at the Carrot Wash the drain was in fine form - that was until the big pumps started up and the venue all but became unfishable in the final two hours.

With all the favoured pegs behind the fence catching from the off it only took two tench to add to a net of small fish for Mel Saggers to win this one with a top weight of 10lb 4oz.

Second place with 4lb 14oz went to Mike Mohan with a net of roach and perch followed by John Taylor using the pole and whip to put 4lb 2oz to the scales.