Money well spent on two pints of maggots

Angling news from the Peterborough Telegraph -
Angling news from the Peterborough Telegraph -
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Fenland Rods match secretary John Smith has had a pretty poor season and even at the draw bag his luck seems to have deserted him for most of the year.

Thankfully in the very last match on the club’s fixture list for 2015 it all came good for him as he drew well on the Yew Lake on the Decoy complex.

Smith is not a big fan of maggot fishing but on this occasion he decided to take a couple of pints with him. It was money well spent as it turned out.

He drew peg13 and fished a bunch of maggots close in and fed maggots regularly to finish the day with 34lb 10oz. Kev Lee came a close second with 31lb 14oz caught on the long pole with cat meat.

Then came Tony Nesbett on 29lb 4oz and Dick Warrener with 26lb 15oz.


Webb’s AC, Float Fish Farm, Horseshoe Pool: 1 Harry Murphy 56lb 10oz; 2 Alan Forrester 49lb 15oz; 3 Peter Telszewski 45lb 6oz.

Deeping St James, Stibbington: 1 Pete Molesworth 6lb 5oz; 2 Mike Mohan 4lb 13oz; 3 Steve Cox 3lb 12oz.

Rookery Waters Saturday Open, Magpie Pool: 1 Ricky Ashwell 90lb 2oz ; 2 Tony Dawson 82lb 12oz; Vince East, 53lb 12oz.

Decoy Lakes Over 55s, Cedar Lake: 1 Dave Thornton 77lb; 2 Will Hadley 71lb 4oz; 3 Paul Green 63lb 10oz.