Martin catches a magnificent carp

Martin Savage with his 21lb 4oz carp.
Martin Savage with his 21lb 4oz carp.
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There were some cracking match results at the weekend but I still think pride of place has to go to Martin Savage, who caught a magnificent looking 21lb 4oz carp from Ferry Meadows.

I know I will not be too popular with the many local carp anglers that fish the big lakes on the outskirts of Peterborough by letting others know about the top quality fishing on offer here but these two waters hold a vast head of quality carp.

The one caught by Savage isn’t the biggest fish taken there though. Fish to 44lb plus have been landed and only last week we heard of a big 30lb fish coming out.

Savage caught his fish on a standard hair-rig with a yellow and pink fake sweetcorn, mounted on a size 8 barbless hook.

It sounds so simple but he put a lot of time and effort into preparing and pre-baiting with groundbait and particles on the 30 metre mark.

We might never have seen the fish but a lady passer-by was kind enough to stop and take a photo after a 30-minute tussle with the big carp.

I suspect we are going to hear of even more, much bigger fish coming out in the weeks and months ahead as the weather warms up.