Hotrods back in the mix after win on the Old Nene

Alastair Ogilvie won the East Midland Winter League match.
Alastair Ogilvie won the East Midland Winter League match.
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The latest round of the East Midland Winter League saw another venue suffering through lack of colour and flow making it hard work for the majority of the field as many had predicted.

The only section of the Old Nene at Benwick to fish well was the hot pegs in the village which was where the top weights came from.

Decoy winner Josh Pace.

Decoy winner Josh Pace.

Leading the way with a net of small fish taken on the pole with squatt and pinkie was Sensas Mark One rod Alastair Ogilvie with 15lb 13oz.

All eyes were on the team front though and a strong performance from Browning Hotrods winning on the day saw them get right back in the mix with three teams now moving clear of the chasing pack.

The next match will be on Whittlesey fenland drains - a venue which won’t be an easy water to sort out and an upset on the team front is on the cards once again.

Full results:

Individual: 1 Alastair Ogilvie (Sensas Mk1 White) 15lb 13oz; 2 Damien Green (Matrix Image) 14lb 5oz; 3 Rob Lincoln (Browning Hotrods) 13lb 9oz.

Team: 1 Browning Hotrods 24pts; 2 Matrix Image 25pts; 3 Stanjay Gold 31pts; 4 Sensas Mk1 White 35pts; 5 Mk1 Black 40pts; 6 Stanjay Silver 46pts.

League standings: 1 Matrix Image 6 pts; 2= Browning Hotrods and Stanjay Gold 7pts; 4 Mk1 White 11pts; 5 Mk1 Black 14pts.


There was a good turnout for the regular Saturday match on Whittlesey waters run by Jeff Tuttlebee.

The latest was at Queensway - not an easy water to fish at this time of year as it relies on extra water pushing through the River Nene and then into the drain.

Thankfully though there are usually quite a few small fish to target.

Mark Barron was lucky enough to draw one of the better pegs near the bridge and took full advantage putting a modest 2lb 6oz to the scales.

Runner-up was John Taylor with 1lb 13oz, then came Jeff Tuttlebee on 1lb.

For those fishing this week’s Saturday match the venue will be the Carrot Wash pegs at Pondersbridge. Be prepared to cut swims out as it’s the first proper match of the season on the venue.


Despite the less than favourable weather conditions on Sunday, JVAC still had a big turnout for their club match fished on the Horseshoe Pool and Four Islands at Decoy Lakes.

Four Islands was tough going for some, even matchwinner Andy Gausden had to chase fish in different parts of his swim to put a respectable 67lb 7oz to the scales.

He drew peg two and caught on a variety of methods, feeding very carefully so as not to over feed and then a scaled down approach was just enough to see off the challenge of Roy Whincup (62lb 12oz) on peg five.

Sport was much better on the Horseshoe Pool which saw a tight finish at the top of the leaderboard.

First place from peg 18 went to Dan Abbott, who fished a small feeder for most of the day to finish on 124lb 1oz.

Runner-up on peg 10 was Ian Frith, who fell just short with 122lb 15oz.


The Decoy Open on the Beastie Lake saw a class field put some very good weights to the scales, none better than the 107lb 15oz taken by Josh Pace.

He drew peg 20 and caught on the long pole with pellet and some better fish from the margins on corn.