Father and son are first and second

Paul Faulkner.
Paul Faulkner.
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Paul Faulkner was a comfortable winner of the the latest Cock Inn Winter League match on Four Islands at Decoy.

He caught 34lb 3oz from peg nine, all on the pole with pellet.

Runner-up was his dad Brian, who had a good late run of carp and barbel to finish with 28lb 11oz.

Third place went to Pete Sanderson with 22lb 14oz all taken on a small feeder.


It was tough going on the Yew Pool at Decoy Lakes for the latest JVAC match.

Topping the field was the in-form Dan Abbott, who fished the pole with sweetcorn over micro pellets from peg eight for 53lb 8oz.

Will Hadley came in second on the pole with pellet weighing in 34lb 10oz, followed by Nick Carlton with 29lb.


Friday Over 55s, Decoy: Cedar Pool - 1 Dave Schwinger (Cedar) 90lb; 2 Keith Rayment 64lb 8oz. Elm Pool - 1 Stan Dow 79lb 2oz; 2 Will Hadley 78lb 6oz.

Float Fish Farm Fishery Open, Two Island Pool: 1 Vince Hull 34lb 13oz; 2 Alan Marshall 29lb 2oz; 3 Ted Rowe 21lb.

Deeping St James, Welland, Deepings: 1 Paul Dotchin 2lb 7oz; 2 Mike Smith 1lb 4oz; 3 Dave Norville 1lb 2oz.

Webb’s AC, Float Fish Farm, Horseshoe Pool: 1 Marcus Webb 28lb 14oz; 2 John Hill 15lb 7oz; 3 John Brodie 14lb.

Ramsey AS, Ramsey St Mary’s drain: 1 Ivan Steels 11lb 9oz; 2 Keith Rayment 8lb 6oz; 3 John Roper 6lb 6oz; 4 Ray Myring 5lb 15oz.

Whittlesey AA, Raveley Drain: 1 Arthur Smallman 4lb 10oz; 2 Mel Saggers 4lb 10oz; 3 John Price 4lb 1oz.