Deeping St James club are doing their best to stay afloat

Paul Dotchin won the Deeping St James Knockout Trophy.
Paul Dotchin won the Deeping St James Knockout Trophy.
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Over the past few years quite a few local clubs have lost members to the commercial fisheries and it’s been very hard for them to win them back onto natural venues.

Deeping St James AC are one such club and lack of support could well see drastic action being taken as already a match has had to be cancelled.

Vince Stapleton won the Hotpoint match.

Vince Stapleton won the Hotpoint match.

Yet, the club have tried so hard to attract new members.

They’ve improved parking facilities at Stibbington and have also transformed the Horseshoe Pool at Wansford into their jewel in their crown. It has been cleaned up and restocked and a huge fence has been erected right around the complex to keep the otters away.

And the club possess an impressive fixture list with a varied and comprehensive list of local fisheries on it.

In their latest fixture on the Elm Pool at Decoy, anglers fished for points in the first round of the Wade Cup Series.

The match also featured the final of their Knockout Trophy between Jon Bowland and Paul Dotchin and it was Dotchin who had a resounding win.

Drawn on peg 11 and fishing cat meat close in at full depth, he took some quality fish to weigh 119lb 10oz.

The win also gave him a good lead in the Wade Cup, which is won on aggregate weight over three rounds.

Second from peg eight was Pete Molesworth Junior with 91lb 9oz and third from peg 10 was Ray Torrington with 87lb 12oz.


At first glance, the latest Hotpoint result would suggest that Lou’s Pool on the Decoy complex did not fish as well as it should do.

But the full picture tells a better tale as it was a sweetcorn only match. Basically you can’t use or even bring with you any other bait but sweetcorn.

It’s my least favourite bait yet it never ceases to amaze me the amount of fish I and indeed all the other lads in the club catch each year we run the event.

It’s a good leveller too as in the eight years the match has been running no angler has managed to win it twice in a row.

And this season was no exception as Vincent Stapleton took the honours with 79lb 1oz on a feeder from peg six.

Pete Sanderson took the runner-up spot from peg one with 68lb 12oz and I scraped in third putting 63lb 8oz to the scales.


Peterborough Conservative Club were at Decoy Lakes on Saturday fishing an in-form Oak Pool.

Top rod with a fine 149lb 10oz net of quality carp taken close in with red maggot was John Newman on peg 30.

Runner-up was Pete Marshall, who also fished the margins but took his catch of 119lb 10oz on sweetcorn from peg 21.

Third fishing meat close in was Terry Tribe with 117lb.


It was far from easy on a windswept Cedar Pool and in driving rain for the JVAC lads.

Leading the way was the in-form Jim Regan. He caught 97lb on a maggot feeder from peg four.

Then came Roy Whincup with 95lb 12oz followed by Roger Gowler with 92lb 7oz.

The club champion this year was Andy Gausden. He was just ahead of Roger Gowler and Mike King and now holds the bragging rights for 12 months.


Webb’s AC fished the Horseshoe Pool at Float Farm Fishery and it was young Harry Murphy out in front with an impressive 129lb 15oz, caught on the feeder and pole with pellet. Alan Forrest came second with 70lb followed by Mick Linnell with 62lb 3oz.


Cock Inn were also on the fishery trying the Kingfisher Pool for the first time.

There are plenty of bites to be had on this one which saw Steve Smith taking the top spot fishing the pole with pellet for 29lb 2oz.

Runner-up was Jim Williamson with a level 23lb followed by Mick Sidney on 19lb 12oz.