Carlton leads the way on a weekend of huge weights

Danny Carlton.
Danny Carlton.
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There were some huge weights taken in the two weekend open matches at Decoy Lakes.

Out in front on Saturday was Danny Carlton on the Oak Pool. He caught well on paste fished close in, recording 227lb 4oz.

Jason Chatham.

Jason Chatham.

Steve Pell came second with 184lb 13oz, then came Craig Shaw with 182lb 15oz.

On the Willows on Sunday, Billy Manor took carp up in the water all day from peg 16 to put 215lb on the scales.

Runner-up from peg one was Ben Townsend, who caught close in for 184lb 1oz, then came Ian Kent with 149lb 1oz.


Clive Cole.

Clive Cole.

Good weights were also recorded by Deeping St James AC when they fished Cedar Lake at Decoy for the final of the Knockout Cup and the first round of the Wade Cup.

Jason Chatham used dead red maggots from peg 20 to weigh in 127lb 8oz of carp and barbel to win the Knockout Cup at the first attempt.

In the Wade Cup opener, it was Jon Bowland on peg one who took the honours. He caught regularly throughout the match close in with dead maggot and catmeat to finish with 177lb 14oz.

Runner-up was new club member Rob Upex on peg three with 164lb 5oz, followed by Tony Johnson with 143lb 14oz.


There was a good turnout on Six Islands Pool at Decoy Lakes for the Over 55s match which meant just about a full lake.

Sultry, calm conditions led to fish being hard to come by with many on the top and not interested in feeding.

Yet again Chris Saunders came out on top on his favourite catmeat close in to weigh in 103lb 12oz from peg14.

Runner-up was Sean Best with 92lb 15oz, followed by Vince Hull with 66lb 8oz.

Next week the match is on Willows and all are welcome. You just have to be over 55 years of age.


The Beastie Lake was home for the day for JVAC and there were some very good weights from pegs that do not always perform that well.

Top rod from peg 19 was Martyn Freeman, who caught off the top and well in the margins for 131lb 10oz.

Second from peg 28 was Kevin Wilmot, who caught on the long pole with pellet to weigh in 120lb 3oz, then came Andy Gausden with 104lb 2oz.


Hotpoint AC fished the Damson Lake at Decoy andtop rod was the ever consistent Paul Faulkner .

He drew fancied peg 16 and put together a net of carp on the pole and feeder for a resounding win with 142lb.

Then came Richard Knight on peg one with 90lb 13oz, again starting on the pole before catching well on a small feeder. Third place went to Kev Schneider, who weighed in 89lb.

This wasFaulkner’s last match with the Hotpoint Club so it was good to see him end on a high note. He has decided to move onwards and upwars fishing in future with the JVAC lads and I wish him well with his new club.


Castaways took the short trip out to Biggin Lake at the weekend and fished on the Wood side of the fishery.

Clive Cole caught good carp all day - the best going over the 17lb mark - to win with 216lb.He caught on the pole with sweetcorn and big pellet

Alan Jopling took the runner-up spot fishing on the waggler with sweetcorn for a weight of 96lb, then came Des Dalton with 67lb.