Angling roundup: Top quality carp introduced

James Mackay. Photo supplied
James Mackay. Photo supplied
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Over the past few months there have been some big changes to the East Delph Lakes since James Mackay took over.

A few weeks ago there was a massive fish survey on the lakes and quite a lot of fish were removed to make way for some prime fast-growing stock fish.

After things had settled down James decided to close two of the lakes and introduce a massive re-stocking programme that could last a year or more. 50 plus top quality carp of 15lb have been introduced and a further 60 will also go in once the weather conditions are right.

The Back Lake will now become the fisheries prime water with only the very best fish stocked.

The rumours have been rife around the local angling scene that the lakes will only be available to the big carp anglers, but nothing could be further from the truth as the owner told me just before Christmas.

James said: “The fishery is going through changes and in the not too distant future the East Delph Lakes will be a fishery full of the best fish I can find from around the country. But I want to emphasise that in my eyes pleasure anglers will come first.”

John gets the whip hand, but it’s tough for most

Winter fishing on Whittlesey Dyke is usually quite good, but with the tiny drain high and swollen with extra cold water it was tough going.

From the far end peg John Taylor fished his normal style of whip fishing to win with ease with a couple of net perch and the rest made up with smaller perch and roach for a weight of 8lb 6oz.

On the next peg John Hudson had a good net of small fish to finish with 5lb 7oz and on the other end of the match length Mike Mohan caught slower than the first two, but finished third with 3lb 7oz.

It was a little better in the JVAC Fur and Feather event fished on Six Islands and Elm on the Decoy Lakes complex.

Steve Freeman led the way on Six Islands. He caught on the pole with maggot over to the far bank on peg 18 and weighed in 33lb 15oz. Kev Wadge took second place with a level 28lb from peg 13.

On Elm it was the Gausden family in full control, Andy taking the honours from peg 11 with 34lb 15oz, mostly small carp caught on a pellet waggler, feeder and pole with maggot. That was just enough to see off the challenge of his dad Gus at the next peg. Gus weighed in at 34lb 6oz.