A big Din on the Nene as Afzal lands a whopper

Afzal Din with his 25lb 12oz pike.
Afzal Din with his 25lb 12oz pike.
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You have to take your hat off to Carl Street.

The Peterborough & District AA bailiff is determined to run pike, bream and river matches for the club and if the latest result from his monthly pike match is anything to go by it won’t be long before he gets the attendances his efforts deserve.

Sunday’s match was fished on the River Nene and matchwinner Afzal Din put a smile on everyone’s face after landing a magnificent pike going to the scales at 25lb 12oz.

Not only was it a personal best for him, but it was one of the best lure-caught pike taken on the club’s water for a very long time.

It was of course returned safely to the water giving us all a chance to catch a specimen pike.

Din also had a smaller fish to give him a total of 31lb 12oz.

Callum Laird had a fine fish of 19lb 6oz to take second place followed by Andrew Bell with one fish for 7lb 8oz.


In the Tuesday Open at Decoy Lakes, Ray King topped a strong field spread across three lakes winning with 97lb 14oz.

King drew on fancied peg 29 on the Willows and fished a small Method feeder tight over to the island catching on sweetcorn.

Late in the match he switched to a short pole line and took carp to 5lb on red maggot.

Simon Barrowclough took the runner-up spot from end peg 35 on the Willows. He fished the long pole feeding micros and fishing small expanders on the hook for 94lb 4oz.

Then came Mark Perkins in third place with 82lb 14oz.


There was a huge field for the Decoy Lakes Saturday Open fished on Beastie, Six Islands, Horseshoe and Willows.

Graham Weston finished in pole position. He drew on Six Islands peg 11 and put a fine 104lb 2oz to the scales. He caught well on the long pole line with maggot although he did have a few carp to double figures in the margins late on.

Runner-up from peg 19 on the Horseshoe Pool was the in-form Richard Bond, who fished the long pole with soft pellet on the deck although he did have a few at half depth in the last hour finishing with 103lb 13oz.


In the Tony Evans Winter League fished on the Beastie and Horseshoe it was Deeping rod Rob Goodson taking the honours from hot peg 24 on the Beastie Pool.

It was not plain sailing as he had to switch from the feeder to the straight lead and even had a few fish on the pole with maggot. But he finished well clear in the end with 67lb.

Second from peg nine was Andy Leathers, who caught on the bomb with sweetcorn weighing in 52lb 5oz.

Third place went to Richard Bond, who was the top weight on Horseshoe with 46lb from peg 14.


JVAC made their regular trip to the Decoy Lakes on Sunday to fish the Elm Pool.

Top rod was Will Hadley from peg 17 with 76lb 8oz. He fished pole and pellet approach although he took a few fish late in the day on maggot.

Runner-up Nick Carlton fished a small Method feeder to finish with 67lb 7oz followed by Mike Mitchell on 54lb 2oz.