In pictures: Peterborough’s football teams through the ages - do you know them?

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This week’s Looking Back pictures have a football theme with team photos of Peterborough clubs through the ages.

We’ll start with a mystery. The first picture is of an unknown team, possibly taken in the 1950s and, judging by the youthful look of the players, possibly a school team. Can you identify the team?

The next picture below is of a Walton School team. Helpfully, the ball reveals the year it was taken!

The third photograph is also from the 1950s.

It is a British Rail team. Football shirts have certainly changed since those days.

The next picture shows North Ward FC in 1948. Does anybody remember that team?

Below that is an undated photograph of Arthur Mellows School football team.

Next picture down is another mystery with no information about the team.

The final picture is of Eye Primary School’s football team from 1952.

If you are in any of the pictures, or know anybody who is, or details about the teams, please get in touch,

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