In pictures: Looking back at Peterborough’s street life

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This week’s pictures are another selection of Peterborough street views from the collection of Ray Preston from Millfield.

Starting from the top there is a picture of Crown Street taken in 1909.

The next picture along shows a deserted (except for a couple of dogs that is!) St Paul’s Road taken in 1920.

The third picture shows Fletton High Street. This picture was taken in 1925.

The next picture shows Lincoln Road in 1912. The White Heart pub is in the right hand corner with Thistlemore Road just up on the right.

On the left are some of the 225 Great Northern cottages.

I hope that cyclist got out of the way before the tram caught him up!

The fifth photograph is of Bridge Street and shows the Saracen’s Head pub, which roughly is the location of the law courts today. You don’t see many cows strolling down Bridge Street these days!

The final picture is of London Road showing the East Station crossing before the new Town Bridge was built.

Many thanks to Ray for sharing the pictures.

If you have any old pictures of Peterborough places and people please get in touch: or Looking Back, Peterborough Telegraph, Unex House, Bourges Boulevard, Peterborough, PE1 1NG

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