Award Categories

School Worker of the Year Award

Teachers, caretakers, dinner ladies your lollipop lady – do you know a vital member of staff without whom your school would be a poorer place.

Unsung Sporting Hero Award

Sports men and women are frequently in the spotlight and receive the recognition they deserve, but what about the people behind the scenes – the managers, coaches, secretaries, club stalwarts, groundsmen, caretakers and other volunteers? Sport in Peterborough wouldn’t happen without these people, and this is an opportunity to say thank-you. So whether you are part of club or team and want to thank someone who dedicates their spare time to making your sport happen or you are a parent of a child involved in sport, whose team of coaches and volunteers keeps your little one inspired and interested, all forms of nominations are welcome.

Community Spirit Award

This award will go to someone who makes a positive effort to improve the community in which he or she lives and who is not covered by the other categories.  It could be a voluntary worker, someone who runs a local organisation or a professional person who puts in that extra effort to serve his/her fellow man and woman

Caring Neighbour Award

This award will go to someone whose actions have had a positive impact on their neighbourhood or their actual neighbours. This may be through good deeds on a regular basis, or simply an individual whose community-minded attitude brightens up someone else’s day.

Outstanding Act of Bravery Award

Someone who has shown exceptional courage or determination in order to help others, perhaps putting their own life in danger. This may have been helping out in an emergency, saving someone’s life or preventing a scene deteriorating into a dangerous situation.

Hero to Animals Award

Helping those creatures who can’t help themselves, their is a dedicated army of animal lovers; this award is for anyone/team who care for our furry or feathered friends

Child of Courage Award

This award is open to a child (up to the age of 12) who has shown exceptional courage and/or bravery in the face of adversity.

Young Achiever Award

This award is open to a young person (aged 13 or over) who has shown exceptional courage, bravery and inspiration in the face of adversity - someone with a fighting spirit who refuses to be beaten

Family of the Year

This award recognises the importance of Family and the effort needed from all members to keep a family strong - if you know of a great family then we want to hear all about them!

Carer Award

The Carer Award might go to a professional carer who provides support and friendship over and above the call of duty, to an individual who voluntarily cares for a family member or members, or to someone who cares for a neighbour or others in the community.

Health Professional of the Year

This award will go to a medical professional or carer who has demonstrated their total commitment to working hard and tirelessly in their community to make an incredible difference to the lives of others. 

Senior Citizen of the Year

This award is aimed at recognising those young at heart members of the community who go the extra mile. Perhaps they excel at a hobby, have extraordinary talents or give up time for someone else.  Perhaps they are just a happy 60-something who always wears a smile.  Nominees for this award must be 60.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is an award in recognition of someone's outstanding contribution to the community that have made a significant impact on the lives of others