Calls for bus route alteration

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Route 701 may be back for one-day during Fenland Busfest, but there are calls to restart it permanently after the court manager at Palmer Close residential home said elderly residents are unable to get into Whittlesey town centre.

Shelley Marlow and resident Peter Wortley want Stagecoach to alter its route so after leaving Coronation Avenue it turns left into Bellman’s Road then New Road instead of right onto Eastrea Road.

Palmer Close, off New Road, is home to residents in 32 flats aged 55 and above.

Ms Marlow said: “We’ve had a lot of people leave because of how isolated they feel. That bus is a lifeline.”

Andy Campbell, managing director, Stagecoach East, said the proposed route change had been considered once and he would do so again. He added: “We’d rather not let any of our existing passengers down in order to serve a new area.”