Village football club’s lifesaver for the community

Langtoft United Under 8 Coach, James Price with the players.
Langtoft United Under 8 Coach, James Price with the players.

A Peterborough village football club has invested in a potentially lifesaving piece of equipment after a fundraising campaign.

A defibrillator - which raises a cardiac arrest victim’s chances of survival significantly -has been installed at Langtoft United’s pavillion and can be used 24 hours a day by the community, not just the club.

Paul Cooper, Head of Youth Development, said the club decided to act after a parent of one of the under-8 team players highlighted he could be at a high risk of having a cardiac arrest due to his family history.

“We felt we had to do something,” said Paul. “We wouldn’t be able to live with ourselves if something did happen. Some of our coaches had also just completed FA training around sudden cardiac arrests, and learned of their importance”.

The defibrillator has been made possible by sponsorship from Peterborough Phantoms Ice Hockey Team. In July, owner Jo Lane read about the club’s appeal for funds and expressed her desire to purchase the defibrillator unit as she felt it was, “a really good cause”.

The defibrillator unit was heavily subsidised by the British Heart Foundation. Langtoft United in return have committed to providing regular CPR training as part of the scheme.

The club also raised £600 for a heated cabinet as during the winter months, it was likely to result in the battery or unit itself malfunctioning.

“The defib has been installed on the outside of the Pavillion building for use 24 hours a day and it’s been registered as an asset with the ambulance trust,” added Paul.

“There is a high footfall on the playing fields through football, fun runs, athletics, sports days and dog walkers. The cabinet is also within close proximity to the primary school, pre school and bowls club.”