Tesco donation to children’s ward at city hospital

The Peterborough Tesco Convenience stores pulled together to make a donation of toys worth almost £1000 
to the Amazon ward of 
Peterborough City Hospital .

Jack Wylde (area manager) and Darrel Cross (Stanground store manager) went to the hospital to handover the donation of an Xbox One with games, controllers and a 32” Sony television to go with it .

Family favourite bored games such as Connect 4 and Monopoly were also donated to allow families to have some quality time together.

An Express Store manager’s son had spent a lot of time when he was younger at the Amazon ward so the 
impact that this would have was known to the stores staff.

The Xbox One and television will be put on a portable trolley so children in isolation can relieve the boredom and hopefully take their minds off their illness for just a few hours .

The stores in Peterborough are also looking to build on the initial donation by asking customers to donate any old/unwanted Xbox and PlayStation 3 games to their local Peterborough stores in Stanground , Paston, Wistow Way, Oundle Road , Dogsthorpe and Market Place,Oundle