Secretary for health praises hospital

Peterborough City Hospital exteriors
Peterborough City Hospital exteriors
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Health secretary Jeremy Hunt said he was “incredibly impressed” with staff at Peterborough City Hospital after visiting them last Friday.

Mr Hunt was responding to a question in Parliament raised by MP for Peterborough Stewart Jackson.

Mr Jackson said: “I thank the Secretary of State for taking time last week to visit Peterborough City Hospital and to praise the magnificent staff there who are labouring under a £35 million annual private finance initiative millstone.

“Is the wider context not that we would have a lot more money to spend on frontline care if we did not have to deal with a poisonous legacy from Labour of £64 billion of appalling PFI contracts in the NHS?”

Mr Hunt agreed with the comments on PFI, and added: “I was incredibly impressed with the staff I met at Peterborough hospital.

“There was incredible commitment to patients and some fantastic work going on in the oncology and renal departments which I visited.”