Scheme increases recycling

Cuts, cuts, cuts
Cuts, cuts, cuts
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Recycling levels in Peterborough have risen thanks to a scheme which could see neighbourhoods benefit.

The ‘Love Peterborough: Love your Community Recycling Reward’ scheme was launched in October last year and aims to incentivise residents in Eye, Thorney, Stanground, Hampton, East, Walton, Paston and North Bretton to recycle more and minimise waste.

Since the launch, recycling rates have risen in each of the seven areas with the biggest rise being in North Bretton, which has seen an 18 per cent rise. Points are accumulated by each area, and the area with the largest amount of green points at the end of every four months gets the biggest share of £6,000 to award to a charity group or project in their area, which residents vote for. Other prizes are also available.

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