Review: A lunch that really floated my boat

Brad Barnes dines at East
Brad Barnes dines at East

All the recent talk about the Chinese New Year got the tastebuds longing for something, well, Oriental.

And, as we were already in the city centre, East seemed as good a place as any to indulge.

Brad Barnes dines at East

Brad Barnes dines at East

No, it isn’t strictly Chinese cuisine, but it serves up dishes from the whole of the Pan Asian region, so there was Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, and more, added into the mix.

I hadn’t been for at least a couple of years (it was the Grain Barge last Chinese New Year) but one look at the menu and happy memories flooded back.

It also included something new - a set two-course menu for £10.95, which had plenty to offer (at least half a dozen starter and main options).

I tried the sun-dried beef, a new dish for me, and was pleasantly surprised. The thin strips of beef, marinated with palm sugar, pepper and light soy sauce, were tasty and went down well with cooling cucumber and a spicy chilli dip,

Brad Barnes dines at East

Brad Barnes dines at East

I followed it up with Singapore noodles - a vibrant yellow concoction that tasted as good as it looked.

The noodles were delicious, a touch spicy, and the chicken pieces soft and tender.

Donna’s tempura vegetables had a light, crisp batter with a creamy wasabi dip that gave each bite a little kick.

The Teriyaki chicken main course was chunks of nicely grilled chicken in a sweet and spicy Teriyaki sauce which went down a treat with a portion of sticky rice.

A quick, satisfying lunch in a lovely setting overlooking the river and everything on it.

The service was polite, helpful and obliging - to the point of preparing a rice dish with chicken, carrot and broccoli - and no spices - to order for our young girls to share.

A nice touch that was appreciated.

Brad Barnes has lunch at East, on the upper deck of the Charters bar on the River Nene at Town Bridge, Peterborough

Brad’s rating: 9