Public meeting on crime rise in Peterborough village

The Leeds Hall, Eye.
The Leeds Hall, Eye.

Following a recent increase in the levels of crime and anti-social behaviour in the village, Eye Parish Council has called a public meeting to take place on Wednesday, February 6, at 7.30pm.

The meeting will be held in The Leeds Hall in Eye.

Supported by Cambridgeshire Police, the Parish Council have invited Neighbourhood Watch Peterborough to provide information on how Neighbourhood Watch could work for Eye people.

It is hoped the meeting will help bring people together as neighbours and members of the community to learn what is happening across the city amongst the 339 Watch Networks.

Guest speakers include - Sean Gleeson, Newborough area watch coordinator, and street coordinators from Hampton Gardens.

Alan Paul ,the information and communications representative for Neighbourhood Watch Peterbrough will inform the meeting of recent success stories, and the benefits of the Watch schemes.

Brenda Stanojevic, Parish Clerk, of Eye Parish Council said: “We are pleased to have this support following our recent increase in crime levels.

“We are responding to the concerns of residents who I hope could be part of the solution.”

Toni Cray, chair of Neighbourhood Watch Peterborough, said: “Our intention is to increase the size of the Neighbourhood Watch network across Eye.

“We know that active Neighbourhood Watch works - and the will of local people can make a difference.”