Peterborough student who benefitted from mentoring accepts place to study medicine

Tihesia Riley-Bennett
Tihesia Riley-Bennett
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A student from Jack Hunt has secured a place at university in medicine after receiving advice from a mentor.

Tihesia Riley-Bennett, 18, from Ravensthorpe received good news this morning after achieving three A’s in her A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Psychology, allowing her to accept a place at the University of Manchester studying medicine.

Tihesia decided she wanted to become a psychologist however during sixth form changed her mind to a psychiatrist.

To support this move, Tihesia signed up for a NHS Careers service where Brightside Online Mentoring was suggested.

Brightside is formed of mentors who help young people build their confidence and help to find how they can pursue their ambitions.

Tihesia believes the help that she received from her mentor has allowed her to persevere and said: “The mentoring really helped my confidence.

“I had a really considerate mentor who told me a lot about how to find work experience and how day to day life is for people in the industry.”

When talking about her A-Levels, Tihesia said: “I found A-Levels really hard and I struggled to manage the content as well as the work load however I am really happy with my results and very excited about going to university.

I plan to go out tonight with some friends to celebrate our results.”