Peterborough councillors to vote on recommended pay rise which would cost £186,000 a year

Peterborough City Council news from the Peterborough Telegraph -, @peterboroughtel on Twitter,
Peterborough City Council news from the Peterborough Telegraph -, @peterboroughtel on Twitter,
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Peterborough city councillors will decide whether to give themselves a pay rise which would cost the cash-strapped authority an additional £186,000 per year.

An independent panel has recommended that councillors have their basic allowances boosted by more than £2,000, pushing the figure to £10,100 per annum.

However, councillors have rejected the last three offers of a pay rise and have had their allowance frozen since 2009, suggesting they will vote against these proposals.

Any rise in allowances would be controversial with the council tackling multi-million deficits every year due to steep government cuts.

Other recommendations in the report are for the council leader’s salary to rise from £21,497.85 to £30,300, and the deputy leader’s to rise from £16,123 to £20,201.

Cabinet members and committee chairs would also receive a small rise in the money they receive.

The council’s constitution specifies that the basic allowance paid to all councillors is to “cover all expenses and time incurred by a city councillor in carrying out his/her ordinary duties for the council.”

The independent panel in making its recommendations noted that councillors who had been interviewed said the existing basic allowance appeared relatively low in relation to comparable councils.

The report noted that from the information that had been provided, councillors continued to spend at least 20 hours per week on council business.

Members also said when interviewed that the time spent doing the role “had a detrimental effect on the number and range of people prepared to come forward to stand for election.”

Councillors currently receive a basic allowance of £7,962 included in which is a telephone allowance of £568.68 and a travel and subsidence allowance of £227.45.

The vote takes place at a meeting of the full council on Wednesday, October 12.