Neuter your cat in Peterborough for a fiver, yes £5

Neuter for a fiver
Neuter for a fiver

World Spay Day is to be held on February 26, writes Peterborough Cats Protection spokeswoman Sheridan Gaunt. Cats Protection together with other member charities of the Cat Population Control Group, promotes the importance of ensuring felines are neutered at the earliest opportunity.

In support of this, we are offering anyone owning a male or female cat, aged 16 weeks and over, living in the PE1-PE8 area, to neuter their cat for a fiver, yes £5!

As a cat lover and caring owner, the best thing you can do to protect your cat is to have it neutered. A female cat can get pregnant whilst still a kitten herself. Neutering your male cat early will help keep him safe - ensuring that he doesn’t get into constant fights over females which will protect him from injury and diseases.  It will also stop his urge to wander off in search of a mate and lessen the chances of him getting lost or injured on the road. Neutering also helps the general cat population; the fewer un-planned litters there are, the more homes will be available for the many needy felines which come into our care.  

Peterborough Telegraph readers, living in the PE1-PE8 area can take advantage of this incredible offer, a few days ahead of our social media posts going live on Monday, February 11.

Neutering can cost anywhere between £35-£70 so, you would be crazy not to pick the phone up and call our helpline on 0345 371 2750.

The offer does NOT include microchipping which you can arrange with the vet at a small extra charge. It’s well worth the cost as it is the best way of ensuring your pet is returned to you should it get lost.

Only this week in the press a Peterborough cat was returned to its owner having been found ten months after it went missing in the Newcastle area.

This offer will end on March 5, 2019 and your voucher will only be valid at Vets4pets, Peterborough.