Family ‘robbed of father and husband’ says judge after sentencing of pizza driver killers

Mark Lintott (left) and Joel Lawson
Mark Lintott (left) and Joel Lawson
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Two men who killed a pizza delivery driver for a takeaway “robbed a family of their father and a wife of her husband.”

Joel Lawson and Mark Lintott were jailed at Cambridge Crown Court for the manslaughter and robbery of Ali Qasemi.

Lawson (26) of HMP Peterborough was jailed for nine years and Lintott (29) of Shrewsbury Court was jailed for 13 years.

Judge David Farrell said the robbery was a “deliberate” plan to steal the three pizzas, worth just £52.

He said: “You robbed a family of a father and a wife of her husband. You robbed them of a hard working and much loved man.”

He added: “No sentence I can impose can truly reflect the loss suffered by the family.”

Despite Lawson throwing the punch, Judge Farrell said there was no difference between the two defendants’ culpability.

Lawson was given a total discount of just over 30 per cent for his guilty plea and giving evidence against Lintott during his trial.

Lawson and Lintott showed no emotion as they were jailed.

Judge Farrell said Lintott had laughed and joked about the attack, showing “not an ounce of remorse.”

He said Lawson’s guilty plea and decision to give evidence shows he had some remorse.

Sally Hobson, defending Lawson, said her client deserved credit for giving evidence against Lintott during the trial. She said he had been threatened and bullied in jail for being a “grass,” and that his guilty plea showed his remorse.

Peter Lowndes, defending Lintott, said his client was of low intelligence, and a follower, not a leader.

Both men had previous convictions for violent offences


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